Revenue Clinic Questionnaire


By filling in this multiple-choice questionnaire, you are helping 6sense tailor a Revenue Clinic to your specific needs. We will focus the session on areas where you need support, helping you visualise the steps you’ll need to take to transition to RevOps and ABM supported by 6sense.

As an initiative like this is strategic, impacting multiple teams, we highly recommend inviting both your sales leader, and if possible, the CEO to join the session. The outcome will be a customised roadmap, action plan, and recommendations from the session.

6sense: Revenue Clinic Form
1. Please rate your understanding of Revenue Operations (RevOps).
2. Please rate your understanding of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).
3. What previous experience have you had implementing RevOps?
4. What previous experience have you had implementing ABM?
5. If you have attempted to implement RevOps, ABM, or similar initiatives before, which (if any) of the below challenges have you faced?
6. Have you calculated your organisation's total addressable market?
7. Does your organisation currently have a well-defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - i.e. your buyer organisation profile?
8. How aligned are your marketing and sales teams in terms of their understanding and adoption of the ICP?
9. What are the primary challenges or pain points your organisation is facing in terms of revenue generation and go-to-market strategies?
10. How aligned is your organisation internally on your current go-to-market (GTM) approach?
11. How would you describe your organisation's current go-to-market approach?
12. Describe the current state of alignment and collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.
13. Would you say that your organisation has a more marketing-led or sales-led culture when it comes to revenue generation?
14. How does your organisation measure and track the performance of marketing and sales activities?
15. What are the primary key performance indicators (KPIs) your team/function is measured on?
16. How does your organisation identify and track potential buying signals or behaviours from prospects across third-party sites, forums, review platforms, or other external sources?
17. From the following list of common marketing challenges, which ones resonate most with your organisation's current state?
18. Does your organisation measure and analyse the return on investment (ROI) for marketing activities and initiatives?
19. Should you consider purchasing 6sense, which 3 areas would you anticipate requiring the most effort and focus?

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