Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting

Clicking and Sticking: How Digital Leaders are Transforming Customer Experience in an Era of Uncertainty

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & Akamai on 21st Oct 2020, 1:45 pm UK time (BST), we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

You have 3 votes only. You can a maximum of 2 votes per Challenge.

Akamai EMEA (21st Oct) - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. Post pandemic, how do we make digitalisation a culture?
2. How are agencies & brands building closer connections for a data driven future, before & during these times & beyond? Should brands be testing more & how can they maximise the impacts of those tests for brand growth?
3. How do we think sports entertainment will evolve with the accelerating digital transformation of the entertainment industry and wider technological advancements?
4. Thanks to the pandemic impact – Digital investment is at its peak. Given the changes in the data environment, how do digital leaders anticipate to adapt in the year ahead, and explore avenues not tested before?
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