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Daring to Disrupt: How Digital Leaders are transforming network infrastructure

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & BT Ireland on 13th Oct 2020, 1:45 pm UK time (BST), we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

You have 3 votes only. You can a maximum of 2 votes per Challenge.

BT (13th Oct) - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. Networks & Security: How do organisations evolve their approaches to both networks and network security with models like SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) becoming more common?
2. Remote-working: How do organisations extend all of the tools (e.g. telephony, software portals, and tools), available in a controlled office environment, and ensure quality to employees now working from home?
3. Dealing with data breaches: How would you like your organisation to be notified when an external security specialist discovers a data breach, leak or identity theft in your organisation?
4. Digital transformation: how should we continue to drive enterprise wide digital transformation at a time of travel restriction and virtual engagements?
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