Online Panels

Watch a series of online panel discussions on timely and relevant topics. Each panel features industry experts as they give their unique insights into a number of important questions.

The panels are a follow-up to thought leadership research sponsored by leading IT and Professional Services companies.

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Moving to a remote access workforce – insights from global leaders

Discover how the current evolution of technology and business models is raising the visibility of remote access as a strategic corporate tool.

Remote and flexible working has increasingly become the norm for businesses in the UK and the US – and it’s a growing trend.  Go to the RealVNC panel page for access to the full discussion on this topic and much more.


What is the DNA of the very best IT suppliers?

IT service contracts continue to grow in challenging economic conditions, but when you talk to IT decision makers, it also becomes clear that finding good IT service suppliers to deliver the promised savings and transformation is not an easy task. Watch the ‘DNA’ videos to gain more insights.

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How B2B Sales & Marketing Has Changed

IT and Professional Services companies all need sound sales and marketing strategies to grow, yet it has never been more challenging to engage with key decision makers. This panel of experts dig into what it takes to engage and inspire B2B buyers.


Digital Skills Gap

How the lack of skills is affecting business transformation efforts

This is an in-depth discussion with four IT pros; a Global Chief Architect, a Digital Transformation  Strategist, and two IT Directors.  Each IT pro shares his or her insights on four key topics; The challenges of hiring soft skills compared to tech skills; How to optimise value from third-party consultants; Millennials and the mature workforce; and How to win in the competition for top talent.

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Future of Digital Engagement in an Age of Compliance

Consumer concern about the privacy and security of their personal data has increased dramatically. Find out how European enterprise customer data leaders are tackling this complex problem.

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