DATE: 21 March 2024

Accelerating cloud migration in financial services: Navigating the challenges in a highly regulated environment

This exclusive roundtable event, aimed at enterprise technology leaders in the financial services industry, addresses the complex challenges of cloud migration in a highly regulated environment. Participants will discuss the pressing issues hindering cloud adoption, including the scarcity of specialised cloud skills required for intricate projects like setting up landing zones and cloud-native coding.

Discussions will also focus on the prolonged duration of cloud migration efforts, often extending 6 to 24 months due to compliance demands, legacy systems integration, and other operational factors, leading to high 'burn costs' and delayed ROI. Further, the event will explore the hurdles of retrofitting compliance in cloud solutions, a process that can cause significant rework and inefficiencies. Additionally, legacy constraints that lead to compromises in cloud architecture will be a critical topic, along with strategies to optimise these systems for the cloud era. This roundtable aims to provide a collaborative platform for sharing innovative solutions and strategies, helping organisations navigate their cloud migration journey effectively and efficiently in the context of financial services. Participants will Connect with other business and technology leaders engaged in cloud migration. Vote on a specific cloud migration challenge to be discussed. Engage in in-depth discussions about the chosen challenge. Propose and evaluate solutions to the challenge. Be part of a post-event podcast episode discussing the challenge and the solutions.

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