Roundtable Event

Beyond 2020 – Stories From Supply Chain Leaders Plotting The Future

C-Level business and technology leaders discussed the impact of the Coronavirus on the European Transport & Logistics industry. Learn what some of the emerging strategies to address the new economic environment are here.

Event Content

Each participant presented a business or industry challenge relating to the crisis. All participants had the opportunity to vote on their top 2 challenges prior to the discussion.

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  • It has been 6 months since the beginning of lockdown, and like many other sectors, transport and logistics have seen dramatic changes in the market, from a drop in demand to personal issues, margin pressure, and workplace challenges.
  • This event, sponsored by Mindtree uncovered the experiences of C-level executives in the sector since the outbreak of Covid-19, how immediate challenges have been overcome, and the short, medium, and long term considerations for the industry.

Event Details

Date: 11th November 2020

Venue: Online

Time: 2.45pm to 4.30pm (GMT)

Event Stats

Event score: 88%

Number of participants: 6

Participant Feedback

We hosted 4 leading experts from the travel, transport & logistics sector. The challenges discussed were centred around the current situation relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and how organisations are pivoting to better employee wellbeing and deliver customer experience: The challenges were 1) How can the willingness to embrace digital transformation be maintained in such a time? 2) How working from home has changed the way we work and how do we continue to retain and develop the culture of our organisation? The context of each challenge was discussed which flowed into a Q&A as well as a discussion around the solutions.

Rich Mohr - Chief Technology Officer and VP of New Products at FMS

Claud Grunow - VP Digitalisation, Strategy & Coordination at Fraport

Alistair Cochrane - Chief Development Officer at Whistl