DATE: 16 April 2024 | TIME: 12:45pm - 6pm

Beyond boundaries: Exploring the frontier of scalable gaming experiences

In an era where gaming landscapes are more vast and interconnected than ever, the challenge of creating scalable, immersive experiences becomes increasingly complex. This exclusive roundtable brings together gaming industry technology leaders and Globant’s experts to tackle these challenges head-on, sharing insights into leveraging state-of-the-art technology for crafting worlds without limits.

We expect the discussion to cover: Cloud architecture for massive worlds: How can we design cloud infrastructures that scale with our ambitions? Real-time data management: What strategies optimise data flow for seamless live operations? Continuous delivery for agile development: How do we maintain agility as our game worlds grow and evolve? Leveraging automation for efficiency: Where can automation make the biggest impact in game development? Future-proofing development pipelines: How do we build technology stacks that adapt to future demands? Participants will: Engage with peers and Globant’s experts on the forefront of scalable game development. Uncover cutting-edge technological solutions to common development hurdles. Exchange best practices and insights from the field. Cultivate valuable connections within the gaming tech community. Influence the broader conversation on the future of gaming technology. Have the opportunity to feature in a thought leadership article and Podcast episode. Who is invited? This invitation-only event is tailored for those at the forefront of gaming technology and development, including CTOs, CIOs, Technical Directors, Studio Operations Leaders, Game Development Leads, Architects, and Engineers.

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