DATE: 7th December 2020 | TIME: EST: 2:00 - 3:30 PM / PST: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Engines of Engagement: How Digital, IT and marketing Leaders are Evolving Customer Personalization

Senior IT, digital and marketing leaders discussed the evolving realm of customer personalization. Learn what your peer group is thinking and some of the emerging strategies to address the new economic environment.

Each participant presented a business or industry challenge relating to customer personalization. All participants had the opportunity to vote on their top 2 challenges prior to the discussion.

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It has never been more critical for organizations to offer seamless and compelling online experiences to customers, yet the challenges for digital, IT and marketing leaders has never been greater.

They must ensure systems can scale and perform effectively. They have to navigate changing data privacy and security regulations that are upending traditional customer consent mechanisms. And they need to balance the need to be ever more agile and innovative against economic and budgetary realities.

In this virtual roundtable event, we will explore digital, IT & marketing leaders’ views into how customer identity data is increasingly important across business disciplines. The ultimate goal is to create exceptional customer experiences, package the data in a way that is useful across the business and accessible by all enterprise applications, and secure sensitive customer identity data.


We hosted 4 leading experts from North America working in enterprise IT, digital, and marketing. The challenges discussed were centred around the current situation relating to customer personalization and the conflicting industry views on customer data and privacy. 1) As technology evolves and personalization becomes more invasive, how should marketers/brands/businesses address and balance the demand for performance with the exposure to customer information? 2) How has COVID-19 affected the way customers are engaged? What are the biggest learnings and digital opportunities for WFH?