DATE: 5th March 2020 | TIME: 1.30pm – 5.30pm, followed by drinks & networking until 6pm

Modernising Enterprise Technology

C-Level business and technology peers who are leading enterprise technology modernisation programmes discussed the challenges faced and workable strategies to drive ROI for business.

To kick off this highly interactive session hosted at the House of St. Barnabas, each of you will present a technology modernisation-related challenge that you currently face within your organisation. All participants vote, 2 challenges are selected for the discussion.

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Accelerate and de-risk: Avoiding the common pitfalls of cloud migration

Delivering the benefits promised by cloud-based IT: Agility, Improved Service and Cost-Efficiency

Selecting the right cloud landing zone, understanding applications and inter-dependencies

Managing a seamless & improved service across hybrid and multi-cloud environments


The first challenge chosen was “In an agile and digital journey, when do you realise benefits?” The session discussed the importance of senior management alignment with project vision, company culture and choosing a development cycle to fit the project, design thinking workshops, agile budgeting and fixed capacity budgeting, and finally look at annual, rather than 5 year ROI / TCO judgements. The second challenge, “How to establish interoperable identities for our individual customers, in order to bring together all transactions carried out in the ecosystem? The group discussed ownership of the data, what is required to decide what/who is the identity broker and the data compliance challenge.