SAP operations excellence and the journey to ERP modernization

As organizations modernize their ERP platforms and migrate to SAP S/4HANA they must navigate various challenges along the way. However, by implementing appropriate strategies and solutions, organizations can progress with confidence, ultimately reaping the rewards of an intelligent, streamlined, and agile enterprise while effectively managing costs and resources.

In this exclusive event, leaders of ERP programs will meet and discuss a common challenge they face whilst navigating their journies to ERP modernization. We expect the discussion will cover data migration, customization, system integration, security and compliance whilst also considering the skills gap and talent retention. Participants will: Meet other business and technology peers leading ERP modernization programs Vote on a challenge that will be chosen for the discussion Discuss the challenge at length Offer a solution(s) to the challenge being discussed Interview for a post event for Podcast episode covering the challenge and solutions

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