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Industry / Sector / Sponsor
VentureSoft Global

Sourabh Kulkarni

Senior Solution Architect

"The digitization era is both a boon and a challenge."
Information Technology & Services, Avantra

Cindy Colbert

Senior Training & Change Management Consultant

"Bring the business into discussions early and rethink processes when necessary. Communication across all channels is critical, with repetitive messaging about the system implementation, timing, impact, and expectations."
Consultation, Avantra
Grant Thornton LLP

Alan Demir

Director Advisory Services

"Transitioning to S/4HANA is like implementing an entirely new system. It brings about vast technological changes and requires revamping of business processes."
Accounting, Avantra
Metropolitan Utilities District

Oscar Del Castillo, MBA

Sr. ERP Techno-Functional Analyst

"If SAP doesn't opt for an extension—which, in my estimation, they might—companies could make rash decisions."
Utilities, Avantra
Mygo Consulting Inc

Angel Sebastián Hernández Patiño

EWM Solution Achitect

"Transitioning from legacy systems to newer platforms like SAP presents its own set of challenges. It’s about minimizing the administrative burdens and leveraging the robustness of SAP’s support."
IT Services & Consulting, Avantra

Atul Kumar Jain

SAP Basis Administrator and Architect

"A phased approach offers a controlled, step-wise transition. By prioritizing system stability, we ensure that each phase adds value without causing disruptions."
Food and Beverage Services, Avantra
Hostess Brands

Jeremy Vance

Vice President Information Technology

"We lived by the principle: "proper planning prevents poor performance.""
Food and Beverage Services, Avantra

Mukund Shinde

Client Partner

"The ultimate goal is ensuring that both project teams and the larger organization are prepped and onboard with the changes, ensuring a frictionless transition for clients."
IT Services & Consulting, Avantra

Hiten Parmar

Chief Procurement Officer

"On the supply side, it's important to seek alignment in values and beliefs with organizations. Revenue numbers become secondary to the alignment of business values, environmental values, social diversity values, and the type of people employed."
Insurance, Livingstone

Sumir Mullick

Group Treasurer

"By renegotiating contracts and exploring funding avenues, we can ensure that we have the necessary funds to meet our operational needs and drive growth."
Software Development, Taulia