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Industry / Sector / Sponsor

Suresh Thomas

Chief Solutions Architect

"A positive bought in by the pandemic is that it has become far easier to acquire skilled employees. Remote working means that the net is far wider when recruiting, as employees do not need to be able to physically reach the office."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Aleksas Drozdovskis

Chief Strategy Officer, Global Product R&D

"Tech and digitalisation are critical in any sector. They drive effective CX strategies that adapt to ever-evolving needs, and are fully integrated across all customer experience phases and business levels."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Anil Nashier

Director - IT Transformation

"This crisis taught us to be agile with a fast turnaround. If you are not agile and your turnaround time is not fast, you will definitely be left behind."
Travel & Transport, Digital Transformation, Mindtree
E.ON Energy Markets

Stefan Kampshoff

VP Digital Technology

"People should be able to add value from both an IT and a business perspective. They really need to have both sets of skills - a technical understanding, coupled with an interest in how the technology will be used in business."
Banking & Finance, MapleRisk

Rob Klomps

VP Digital Transformation Financial Services

"The 'new normal' in collaboration is here to stay. This will be enriched by face-to-face contact when possible."
Telecommunications, Remote Access, BT Ireland

Dr. Gilbert Owusu

Head of Business and Operational Transformation Research Practice

"Put simply, network innovations allow us to access more data, make sense of all of this information and, in turn, make better decisions."
Telecommunications, Cloud, Geospatial Systems, IQGeo

Ninika Nanda

Product & Transformation Leader - Strategy & Propositions (Retail Platform)

"The need to serve the demanding nature of the market means you have to rely on the 3rd party vendors as strategy partners. It’s crucial to make your 3rd party vendors your long-term strategy partners and to incorporate the demanding nature of the business."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Tomasz Kurczyk

Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

"Whenever you face some issues, problems or challenges, there are often opportunities appearing the same time. From my perspective, one of them was the very beautiful potential of ecommerce, and another was people switching to partially and majorly buying on the internet."
Digital Transformation, Mindtree
Royal Mail

Pooja Bagga

IT Director Royal Mail Operations (Transformation) - Delivery, Hubs, Logistics, Fleet and Equipment

"Data will play an even more important role for society and organisations in the future. At Royal Mail, we will increasingly use data to identify and mitigate any issues and risks that may emerge within our operations. Data will also play an enhanced role in managing performance across the business."
Travel & Transport, Digital Transformation, Mindtree

Bernd Meurer

Chief Technology Officer

"When you’re working on the last mile, your field force is very expensive. In order for these “costly” workers to be effective, they need access to the most up-to-date information no matter where they are. They need to have the right software in place to optimise field force management."
Telecommunications, Geospatial Systems, IQGeo