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Arina Kulackovska

Head of Corporate Payment Solutions


"This business is a totally customer-led activity and the client is educating us; their journey dictates our strategy - not only in the crypto world. It’s the centre of many organizations’s strategies right now. So we have to listen to them."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Mahi Sall

"Not only incumbents but new players too must develop a legacy strategy. You may have cutting edge technology today but sooner or later it will become old tech and need replacing. You cannot do it once and say it's all done forever."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Rakesh Lakhani

Head of Payments Transformation

Tata Consultancy Services

"Covid, lockdown and the resulting shift to digital has really driven banks to think about how to support customers. A real positive is how the banks and payment networks have managed to accommodate the additional load without customers being affected."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Chris Jones

Managing Director

PSE Consulting

"Covid has accelerated the adoption of technologies across the payments landscape. People who would never use online shopping or click and collect are suddenly completely relaxed about it. 93% of UK consumers have used Amazon in the past year; that’s no longer just mainstream it’s ubiquitous."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Subramaniam Sundaram

Payments Lead Architect

Lloyds Banking Group

"A lot of payment led journeys are already being disrupted by fintechs. A fast growing list of fintech apps, powered by Open banking, enable customers to initiate payments and view spending insights like never before. This puts pressure on incumbent banks to up their game and to modernise their apps."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Felipe Peñacoba Martinez

Global Services - Lines of Business - Senior Director & Enterprise Architect


"Customers and their needs should always be at the centre of what you do. Greater efficiency materialises into simplified, easier to use processes, significantly improving CX."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Teggy Altankhuyag

COO and Co-Director


"The majority of inefficiencies are not seen by customers. A SWIFT transaction to Asia takes 1-5 working days and to the customer it’s just a single transfer. But this relies on 4-5 institutions, acting in various capacities. The customer will only really see an improvement in the time it takes."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Steve Whiting

Head of Payments Technology


"FinTech innovation user experience will see payments becoming invisible and seamless as the drive to frictionless commerce comes to fruition. Instead of focusing on the tedious act of performing payments, users will be empowered to control how their money is spent and by whom."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Thomas Bo Christensen

Head of Payments Infrastructure

Danske Bank

"The whole payments sector is moving to the new ISO standards which will bring more data to payments that can be used to enhance the customer experience."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Fabio Dalla Venezia

Head Of Finance Systems


"Self-help mechanisms and chatbots are the way forward, especially with Covid and a reluctance to have to go into a bank. In the world of instant gratification you want results at your fingertips as soon as possible."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr