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Industry / Sector / Sponsor
Dale Underwriting Partners

Vanessa Jones

Head of Catastrophe Risk

"Events are already happening, and Climate change is making the future look less like the past and that is the challenge for insurers because obviously the way models are built focus on using the historic catalogue and adapting those to consider different futures and that is the real challenge."
Telecoms, Media & Entertainment, Data & Analytics, Esri
Apollo Syndicate 1969

Christopher Moore

Deputy Head of Casualty

"We are embracing a more transparent world by putting data into a visualization tool so that all stakeholders can make better risk-based decisions, including clients, allowing them to take control and ownership of risk and have more say in the insurance pricing."
Telecoms, Media & Entertainment, Data & Analytics, Esri

Chris Willman

Director EMEA Marketing Programs

"Great things happen when you bridge the gap between a modern, metric driven and strategic approach to marketing, with personalised, relevant and human-centric execution."
Sales & Marketing, New Technology, Growth Intelligence

Vladislav Korotkov

Head of Engineering (Media Analysis)

"The most significant risk to product development and innovation is stagnation. Always being happy with what you have built and believing there is no room for improvement is a risk. There is always a niche or existing market ripe for disruption, so there should be a mindset of being your disrupter."
Software Development, Softwire
Penguin Random House UK

Sami Rahman

Head of Data Engineering & Data Platform

"It’s phenomenal to see the impact on the company and how empowered people feel about being able to make quicker, better decisions because of the data solutions we’ve delivered. It makes me love this industry and my field."
Software Development, Softwire

Rasmus Larsson

Product Director, Sony's Sports Businesses

"The desire to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible is there without question, but the limited amount of talent is impeding the industry's exponential growth."
Software Development, Softwire

Rami Mäkelä

Technical Director

"To aid accelerating time-to-market, our formula is; invest in our own people (upskill); focus on core strengths; and when required, find the best collaborators that fits the project, our culture and brings relevant technical expertise."
Software Development, Softwire

Paul Markham

Enterprise Architect for Digital

"To accelerate in an demand-led M&E environment, you must lose the old IT ideology of defining value from hardware in racks and start thinking in the new IT world of intellectual property. The cloud makes hardware ownership redundant as a business differentiator."
Software Development, Softwire

Mercedes Gonzalez-Gorbena

Chief Product Officer

"In terms of product development, data is extremely valuable. With every piece of development and every new insight that we get, there are new avenues that we explore."
Software Development, Softwire

Lindsay Baxter

Digital Products Director

"Our subconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind does. If you can watch people’s behaviour and habits you can find those trends and see what people actually want, even if they can’t articulate it."
Software Development, Softwire