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Industry / Sector / Sponsor

Alex Venus

Head of Digital and Web Marketing

"Balancing short-term sales targets with long-term brand strategies will be a key challenge."
Software Development, 6sense
Anglian Water Group

Andy Brown

Chief Sustainability Officer

"Everything we do is aimed at both doing well as a business and doing good for the planet, emphasising the dual focus on profitability and environmental responsibility."
IT Services & Consulting, Esri

Anders Lindstrom

Senior Director of Marketing

"Generative AI is already shaping up to be a big part of our strategy, particularly in creating lots of content quickly."
Software Development, 6sense

John Stovold

Head of Marketing

"Generative AI is transforming how we approach content creation and management, maintaining high engagement with minimal resources."
Software Development, 6sense

Tommy Powell

Senior Marketing Director

"By focusing on a unified strategy and ensuring aligned bonus and commission structures, we have leveraged our collective strengths effectively."
Software Development, 6sense

Ana Laura Zain

Head of Marketing

"We're seeing a shift in the metrics we look at, from the old ways of counting everything to more detailed metrics like how engaged accounts are and how they affect our revenue."
Software Development, 6sense

Ben Romberg

Head of Strategy and Planning

"For many large enterprises that have been sitting on mountains of data without knowing its value or the opportunities within it, this is like opening the gates to a treasure trove. It allows them to see opportunities they haven't been able to find on their own."
Software Development, 6sense

Scott Leckie

Interim / fractional CTO, Board Advisory, Transformation Lead

"Our banking data, has always been there, but AI can unlock its true potential to allow us to use these rich insights. This shift is pivotal."
Banking, FintelligenX
Lifeways Group

James Westwood-Beere

Chief People Officer

"HR has to change at lightning speed to be more adaptive to the business's needs, reflecting a paradigm shift from its traditionally passive role."
Human Resources, HR, HUBBUBHR

Svetlana Videnova

Technology Director, Data & AI

"This vision of inclusivity, powered by AI, is not just about implementing new technology but about creating an ecosystem that empowers all users, making complex financial data accessible and intuitive."
Banking, FintelligenX