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Industry / Sector / Sponsor
Rockridge Digital

Joe Bresler

Chief Digital Strategist

"As salespeople are becoming more proactive in a digital-first marketplace, marketing teams also need to find ways to own and manage these new channels"
Marketing Services, Network Sunday

Raphaël Mazoyer


"Just because you think people will take actions in a certain order, doesn't mean they necessarily will."
Customer Service, Unifii: CX

Andrzej Tabor

Head Of Customer Service

"Customers now have high expectations that digital interactions should be quick, seamless and automated."
Customer Service, Unifii: CX
Sunweb Group

Deepika Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

"It is key to take into account the business needs when defining the cloud strategy. Failure to meet these expectations will result in frustration across the customers."
Leisure, SoftIron

Miguel Coelho

Senior Director Finance - Canada

"Relying solely on one country for manufacturing may have been the cheapest option previously, but now presents risk and volatility to the supply chain."
Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Taulia

John Tuach

IT Strategy Solution Architect, Seven Investment Management LLP

"Behaviours are changing. We’re not just competing within our industry and our peers but with other industries too. Customer expectations have changed, and you have to be able to offer the same kind of service they have come to expect on other platforms."
Investment Management, Assured Thought

Rusty Bishop, PhD

CMO & Down Funnel Specialist

"Companies that fail to embrace the new opportunities that digital technology brings will soon find themselves struggling to keep up, the time to start changing is now."
Marketing Services, Network Sunday
Jade Global

Karin Maday

Senior Vice President - Customer Success

"The key to delivering a great customer experience is to show buyers that you understand their needs and their concerns."
IT Services & Consulting, Unifii: CX
Merck Life Science

Wolfgang Halter

Head of Data Science for the Life Science business of Merck

"Innovation in data science can mean the methods, or the actual applications. Current methods are very mature but what is keeping us from unlocking potential is the application of tools which reduce barriers and hurdles."
Biotechnology Research, Genestack

William Genovese

CIO Advisory Partner

"Companies that don’t have the budget or choice are being held hostage in some cases, and if that hosting goes down, it’s crippling."
IT Services & Consulting, SoftIron