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Vadym Lotar

Global Lead, Learning Consulting & Design (a.i)

"If you're planning for a global solution, you really need to consider data. This can be a real challenge."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Tony Strows

Global Lead, Learning Consulting & Design (a.i)

"Undeniably, companies need to continuously use data to improve customer service. This requires sophisticated e-commerce to help build relationships and understand customers."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Timo Landwermann

Head of VTS Supply Chain

"We are expected to adapt a lot faster than 10 years ago and also on an ongoing basis. Products are constantly needing to be renewed, sometimes after three years, sometimes after only one year."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications
Boehringer Ingelheim

Nikhil Reddy Podduturi

Head of Data Science at BI X

"We are an innovation-based company. We don't try to optimise manufacturing. We don't try to save pennies on top of what we are already doing. We try to innovate and even if it means that we have to spend a bit more, that's okay for us."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications
GEA Group

Christoph Michael Claus

Vice CIO bei GEA Group AG , Head of Architecture and Digital Innovation Management

"Combining the workforce allows our engineering visions to become a reality. We can begin our product design in Asia, continue the design process in Europe, India, and finish in South America that same day."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications
Porsche Consulting

Mateus Possati Figueira

Associate Parter Life Sciences (Pharma & Medtech)

"Blockchain technology will have a major impact on the future efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain. It will give us a far better real-time, seamless view of our entire supply chain: from the moment a component leaves a supplier to when the finished product reaches its final destination."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Laurent Vignaga

IS Director Operations

"The people on the shop floor or running the factories want to know what's going on in real time: no longer by the month or the day, but what's happening now. So, you need a different infrastructure for this. You need different IT systems and you need to decentralise."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

John Crowley

Director of Supply Chain Resiliency

"The pandemic highlighted in real-time the need to think, plan and ensure greater embedded resilience throughout our infrastructure. One of the positive outcomes was deciding to implement a supply chain resiliency team."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Henrik Jarleskog

Head Of Strategy

"As an organisation, you need to be humble and realise that you do not have the perfect solution. It takes time to adapt to the massive paradigm shift we are experiencing. We have to take steps in order to understand which are the best platforms that will yield optimal results."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications

Dinesh Krishnan

Global Head of Information and Digital Technology - HR, LEX and IT

"In today’s world of video conferencing, there is such a disconnect between colleagues working remotely and those in the office. We need to bring these two worlds together seamlessly to reenact that in person collaboration."
Telecommunications, Tata Communications