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Industry / Sector / Sponsor
Allianz Technology

Shoaib Khan

Senior IT Project Manager @BI & BigData

"In terms of scaling up the IT, our organisation was prepared, so it was rather straightforward. Enabling people to work from remote locations was a different challenge. From the delivery of ergonomic furniture to providing computer equipment, this wasn’t easy."
Telecommunications, Digital Transformation, BT Ireland
Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Zana Pekmez

Head of Customer Intelligence Analytics Products

"It’s very important that all changes are driven to improve CX as an end-result. That’s often not directly possible but they should always be sponsored and prioritized by customer-facing teams and functions."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Nathalie Oestmann


"An area of significant customer change has been in defragmentation in the sector where fintechs have emerged to offer specifically tailored needs."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Oleg Giberstein

Co-Founder & COO

"Crypto payments and the replacement of card schemes with crypto wallets are big changes coming. At the moment there are too many parties involved that need to talk to each other to work. Lots of people don't want to bother with cards for payments anymore."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr
Fidelity Payment

Ari Eder

Head of Product

"Covid pushed existing innovation to the forefront but is not an innovator in itself."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr
OakNorth Bank

Shubhanga Prasad

Director, Strategy (Product & Tech)

"Things that are core to our customers’ experience and what we understand well, we build; for the rest, we partner."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr
Miki Travel

Ingrid Cawood

Finance Director & Company Secretary

"There is ample potential to automate end-to-end and we have made progress but it's not just one-sided. All parties in the supply chain need to have the desire and technical capability."
Banking & Finance, Fintech, Modulr

Fergal Power

Vice-President-Indirect Sourcing & Global Real Estate

"Investment in up-to-date security is critical. The knock-on effects of a security breach are numerous. Customer confidence in your ability to safeguard their information is crucial to customer engagement and no amount of commercial incentives can convince a customer to take a risk with their data. "
Telecommunications, Digital Transformation, BT Ireland

Rick Casarez

Technical Director - Network Software Engineering and Operations

"Every time there’s a new technology, it’s got to be explored from the security perspective, to figure out what are the vulnerabilities? What are the kill chains that would allow an attacker to exploit it? Once those are identified, the business decides whether they want to take that risk."
Telecommunications, Digital Transformation, BT Ireland
Avery Dennison

Jeremy Smith

Global Head of IT Risk and Security

"At times, legacy application supporters don’t have the skill sets to build new modern applications. So, we’ve done a combination of upskilling and seeking partners, as well as hiring new digital leaders to help us in that transformation. It’s been a multipronged approach."
Telecommunications, Digital Transformation, BT Ireland