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Laggards & Leaders: Fast-Tracking Financial Technology Innovation in a Legacy Ecosystem

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & Modulr Finance at 2:00 pm (BST) Tuesday 29th June, we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

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Modulr (Laggards & Leaders) - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. My biggest challenge is the continuous drive to reduce to zero friction in the real time processes for the exchange of value – payments & money movement – whilst at the same time keeping the bad guys out.
2. As an SI and Industry Advisor, a common challenge we see being faced by our customers is balancing the pressures of digitalisation, as a result of the customer demand from C19 Lockdowns, and the modernisation required in the back end to support digitalisation, new products and regulatory change.
3. The challenge that comes to mind for me, especially as someone who was recently working on digital transformation in a regulated bank, and has now 'jumped ship' to a Fintech, is the leadership challenge of bringing together the unique perspectives and skills of new and emerging fintechs and established/ legacy businesses to deliver better outcomes for customers. It's not about tech for tech's sake, but putting groups of people together with a relentless focus on customer and solving real customer pain points. That's the leadership challenge for us all.
4. One of the major challengers for us as a bank challenger in B2B international payments space is a contradiction between tightening AML requirements globally and a total lack of compliance layer and/or trust in the international banking networks. Our compliance team do all the work on collecting and retaining customer data, as they should, yet we face increasing number of rejected client payments and/or SARs filings by counterparties overwhelmed by false positives flags / lack of info they need. Naturally, this situation spiraling out of control degrades our own customers’ experience. Shall we accept this as a fact of life and educate our customers or attempt to do something individually or as a banking community as a whole?
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