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Avoiding the Customer Sinkhole

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & Modulr Finance at 9:30am (BST) Tuesday 4th May, we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

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Modulr Finance - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. Crypto businesses often rely on slower moving supporting partners (e.g. banks, regulators), how do they stay at the forefront in an ultra fast moving industry?
2. With a growing customer base ranging from the crypto-curious first time retail investor, to institutional players investing millions, how do crypto businesses ensure an appropriate offering?
3. The biggest challenge we face is the dichotomy between the demand for rapid adoption by clients / consumers and the very risk adverse approach of institutional investors. We have a level of demand that we are struggling to meet with the resources that we have available, and institutional investors who are still stating that they are not sure there will be any demand at all when they enter the market.
4. As a UK business, a challenge we all face today is operating in an extremely uncertain regulatory environment. This uncertainty affects all aspects of the business, including their competitiveness, ability to attract investment and the bottom line. For example, major projects could be delayed, pending full approval from the FCA, as any major change to your business could result in the business having to reapply for registration.
5. How do you balance customer delight and a great digital experience, with all the friction caused by regulation (KYC / AML) and fraud prevention, where crypto is particularly targeted by scammers?
6. How can crypto businesses differentiate themselves in a more and more crowded industry?
7. How does crypto go mainstream? Is it a question of UX/UI, use cases, regulation, or something else?
8. How do we effectively bring new products to the market that don’t fit into the “existing box”, whilst maintaining the traditional strong financial services industry, with a regulator that is not keeping pace with other leading jurisdiction? We seem to be punished for wanting to think outside of the box, but stay in a regulated environment.
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