Eps.12 | Sales & Marketing: Unlocking Growth Through Customer Advocacy, an interview with Andy Cockburn, CEO of Mention Me

In this episode, I’m joined by Andy Cockburn, CEO of Mention Me, to discuss the significant role of customer advocacy in today’s business landscape. With a background in strategy at Cambridge University and Bain & Company, Andy transitioned to the entrepreneurial world, co-founding Mention Me in 2013. Under his leadership, Mention Me has become a key player in leveraging customer relationships for sustainable growth.

Today, Andy shares insights into the shifts in consumer behaviour and the evolution of marketing. We explore how Mention Me supports brands in these changing times, touching on the mechanics of the platform, the psychology behind consumer advocacy, and the broader implications for businesses.

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Key Takeaways:

– Origins of Mention Me: Identifying the opportunity for customer-driven advocacy and its potential impact on growth.

– How Mention Me Works: Simplifying customer referrals and creating a feedback loop for consistent growth.

– A Broader Perspective on Customer Value: Moving away from traditional measures and understanding the comprehensive impact of a customer.

– Shifts in the Marketing Landscape: Adapting to changing consumer behaviours and the evolving nature of brand loyalty.

– Tangible Impact: Real-world cases showcasing the benefits of genuine customer advocacy and its influence on brand success.

– Looking Ahead: Mention Me’s vision for the future and the ongoing evolution of customer advocacy in business.

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