Eps.17 | Data & Analytics: Migrating Data from Legacy to Modern Infrastructure

In this episode, we explore the pivotal topic of migrating data from legacy systems to modern infrastructure, a critical challenge faced by numerous companies today.

This discussion stems from a thought-provoking roundtable at the recent TechPros Challenge Forum, proudly sponsored by Athena Solutions. Athena Solutions is renowned for their expertise in data management and business intelligence consulting.

Join us as we hear from Athena’s Consulting Director, Alex Kangoun, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in data and analytics solutions. Alex, who also serves on the Data Management Association board and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems, shares his expert insights on the subject.

The episode features insights and solutions offered by David Williamson, Chief Information Officer at Abzena, Will van der Walt, Vice President Enterprise Data Governance at Live Oak Bank, and David Gramblicka, Chief Information Officer. Each guest sheds light on their unique approach to data migration, offering valuable strategies and solutions.

Episode Highlights:

– Alex Kangoun’s Perspective: We kick off with Alex providing a succinct overview of his extensive experience and his take on the migration challenge.

– Expert Solutions: Listen to the innovative solutions proposed by our guests, followed by Alex’s analysis and further insights.

Guest Insights:

– David Gramblicka: Highlights the use of advanced analytics to uncover critical hidden dependencies in legacy systems.

– David Williamson: Advocates for adaptable multi-technology roadmaps, ensuring seamless integration across teams.

– Will van der Walt: Emphasises the crucial role of data integrity, advocating for thorough data inventories.

We also explore Athena Solutions’ commitment to guiding businesses through their modernisation journey, offering complimentary initial assessments with a vendor-neutral stance.

Key Topics Explored:

– Strategic incentives for upgrading legacy data systems, such as innovation and cost efficiency.

– Utilising analytics and AI for an in-depth analysis of existing systems.

– Agile methodologies for effective governance.

– Comprehensive, multi-faceted roadmaps extending over five years, encompassing technology, personnel, and process management.

– Prioritising resolution of business challenges over tool selection.

– Ensuring data integrity and building trust.

– Aligning technical architecture with business goals.

Find out more about Athena Solutions: https://athena-solutions.com/

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Connect with our Guests:

– David Gramblicka: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgramblicka/  

– David Williamson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-williamson-b6798 

– Will van der Walt: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wil-van-der-walt-a7173544/ 

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