Eps.19 | Data & Analytics: Optimising Data Strategy for Targeted B2B Marketing

In this episode, we’re sharing the rich discussions from a recent TechPros Challenge Forum. The focus of this discussion is around how B2B companies can harness their extensive customer data for effective and targeted marketing. Industry experts from various industries shared their insights on integrating siloed data for better marketing segmentation and messaging.

This episode is brought to you by Athena Solutions, leaders in IT and business intelligence. Athena specialises in maximising ROI from data and analytics investments. Join us as we hear from Athena’s Business Analyst, Kristi Gale who shares her expert insights on the subject.

The episode features insights and solutions offered by Colleen Hall, VP of Marketing at C&F Enterprises, Kent Tibbils, VP of Marketing at ASI, Daniel Warren, Vice President Sales & Programs at Latecoere and Chandra Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer at Calque.

Episode Insights:

  • Colleen emphasises the importance of considering data integration from the outset of new projects, suggesting a strategic approach when selecting platforms.

  • Kent advocates for the implementation of an integrated data platform to aggregate key information for sharper marketing strategies.

  • Daniel highlights the necessity of a comprehensive evaluation of business needs across departments to inform platform selection, emphasising the importance of cross-functional participation.

  • Chandra introduces techniques like product correlation analysis and customer lifetime value models, suggesting the use of customer analytics to define behavioural segments for targeted marketing.

  • Kristi recommends building business intelligence capabilities on top of the integrated data foundation for refined strategic segments and deeper insights.

Key Strategies and Solutions:

– Exploring how unified data in CRM can drive customer segmentation and tailor marketing efforts.

– Discussing the importance of data quality and training teams for accurate data collection.

– The role of geographical information in creating localised marketing strategies.

– The synergy between analytics and business strategy in forming customer journey maps.

Final Perspectives:

Kristi Gale of Athena Solutions closes by emphasizing the benefits of a phased approach for data unification and analytics to enhance B2B targeting.

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