Eps.20 | New Technology: Part 1 – Leveraging AI to Unlock Creative Potential in Media

This two-part episode is an essential listen for anyone involved in AI strategies and implementations within the media and entertainment sectors. Join us as we explore the intersection of AI and media, uncovering how technology is revolutionising content creation and distribution.

In this episode, Host Tim Bond, founder of TechPros.io, engages in an insightful discussion with Isa Goksu, CTO for Globant in the UK, Ireland, and Germany. Globant stands at the forefront of AI innovation in enterprise productivity, with a specialised division, Globant X, dedicated to developing customisable AI solutions. Their expertise extends across a wide spectrum of the Media and Entertainment sector, collaborating with prominent names like Paramount, FIFA, NBC Universal, Warner Bros. Discovery, QVC, the NFL, Netflix, and many others.

The conversation follows a recent TechPros.io challenge forum roundtable event in London, sponsored by Globant, titled “From Vision to Execution: Charting the AI Roadmap in Media & Entertainment.” This episode features insights from this event, with contributions from senior executives from BBC Studios and ITV.

Topics Covered

  • The role of AI in structuring content, licencing, and knowledge graphs

  • How AI fosters human creativity and productivity in media

  • Evaluating AI solutions and Globant’s strategic approach to AI integration

  • The balance between ambition and caution in AI adoption.

We thank Isa Goksu for his invaluable insights, alongside Giano Biagini, Growth and Strategy Director at Globant, Athena from BBC Studios, and Veronika from ITV. The episode highlighted the strategic, phased implementation of generative AI technologies in media, considering factors like accuracy, integration ease, privacy, token costs, and legal implications.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with JJ Lopez Murphy, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence for Globant and Angelos Oikonomopoulos, Commercial Data Science Director at Global Media & Entertainment Limited.

Resources & Links

Read the interview article capturing the main insights:https://insights.techpros.io/articles/globant-leveraging-ai-to-unlock-creative-potential-in-media-challenge-forum⁠

Key Discussion Points

  • Integrating AI into media workflows for efficiency and quality

  • Criteria for evaluating AI solutions

  • The role of knowledge graphs in content strategy

  • Challenges in data storage, licensing, and legal implications

  • The impact of generative AI on competitive positioning in media

  • Staged deployment strategies for AI

  • Metrics analysis for content performance

  • Balancing AI integration with business needs, security, and privacy.

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