​​Eps.21 | New Technology: Part 2 – Leveraging AI to Unlock Creative Potential in Media

This second part of our two-part episode is a continuation of our exploration into AI’s role in the media and entertainment sectors. It’s a must-listen for anyone involved in integrating AI into these fields.

In this episode, Host Tim Bond of TechPros.io returns to discuss the evolving landscape of AI in Media & Entertainment. In this episode, Tim speaks with JJ Lopez Murphy, the Head of AI at Globant. The episode also features insights from Angelos Oconopoulos, Data Science and Analytics Director at Global, Europe’s largest radio production company.

Building on the themes of the previous episode, this discussion focuses on the strategic implementation of AI in media, aligning technological innovation with business goals, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI in creative processes.

Topics Covered

  • The strategic alignment of AI with business objectives in the media sector

  • The integration of AI into creative workflows for enhanced efficiency and impact

  • Addressing the ethical, legal, and privacy concerns in AI deployment.

A big thank you to our guests, JJ Lopez Murphy from Globant and Angelos Oconopoulos from Global, for their valuable insights. This episode highlighted the need for aligning AI with business strategies, the transformative role of AI in creative processes, and the importance of addressing ethical considerations in AI deployment.

Key Discussion Points

  • Enhancing versus replacing human creativity with AI

  • Aligning AI objectives with broader business goals

  • The impact of AI on creative direction and company values

  • The importance of top-down and bottom-up AI adoption

  • Utilising feedback loops between AI, content data, and creators

  • Metrics and KPIs aligned with business objectives

  • The integration of AI tools into existing creative workflows.

Key Takeaways

  • AI should augment rather than replace human creators

  • Begin with clear business objectives and targeted metrics

  • AI goals must align with overall business objectives

  • Integration of AI into existing tools encourages adoption

  • Feedback loops are key for optimising business goal-oriented metrics

  • Human input is vital for legal and ethical AI deployment.

Resources & Links

Read the interview article capturing the main insights: https://insights.techpros.io/articles/globant-leveraging-ai-to-unlock-creative-potential-in-media-challenge-forum

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