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Learn how leaders are boldly innovating for the customer experience in banking, trading and financial services

Our research digs into the future of financial systems – from technical debt, legacy, new payment technologies, and the role of AI and data.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 1

Fintech innovation is disrupting and helping to transform all kinds of business sectors, from banking and lending to employment services and travel. Innovation is geared both to creating efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 2

Up to now, banks have retained customers by being the safe all-rounders, while challenger providers have filled the gaps in great customer experiences. To keep offerings feeling enticing and invaluable, digital-first financial providers need to continue thinking outside of the box.

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation

The banking, financial services and insurance sector is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. At a time when many organisations are looking to reduce costs and gain market share, increased competition has arrived in the form of agile start-ups.

The CFO in the 2020s

The days of the Chief Financial Officer being seen primarily as a bean counter have been receding for some time. Instead CFOs are increasingly occupying a strategic role tied to the insights and empirical data that they can bring to strategic planning.

The 7 Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy

Digital First thinking is transforming businesses and the technology that drives them. Industries are being totally reinvented as they start to view the world through a Digital First lens. And now this revolution is rapidly and irrevocably disrupting global market participants.

The Finance Professional for Tomorrow

Finance has come a long way from a reporting function balancing the books, to a data-driven decision-center and a human-machine ecosystem with new skills requirements and competencies. Is the future of finance new technology or new people?

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The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy


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