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Our research has uncovered top-level insights about the future of financial systems – from technical debt and making sense of overwrought digital environments to the role of AI and data.

Uta Molnar

Finance Director

“It is a challenge to find the right skills, but we need less accounting-focused talent and more strategic thinkers who can handle finance talk and combine this with digitisation.”

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The 7 Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy

Learn about the seven key building blocks necessary for any business looking to become a Digital First success story.

The Finance Professional for Tomorrow

Learn how shaking off misconceptions, finance wants to be seen as the ‘go to’ person for any business decision.

The CFO in the 2020s

This eBook was compiled to explore the opinions of CFOs and finance leaders experiences of using Intelligent Automation, how automation is impacting their role and department, and what the challenges and successes are.

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

This eBook explores how financial services organisations are realising value from data to deliver better, more personalised customer service.

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