Digital Transformation

The pandemic has demonstrated the need for companies to accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies. The old guard that hung on to old-fashioned business methods has fallen by the wayside.

To remain competitive in this rapidly changing landscape, organisations must quickly adapt their strategies and embrace the changes that are most likely to impact the customer experience significantly. This means staying on top of the latest trends in digital transformation. (Forbes)

Accelerating digital innovation in Media and Entertainment

In this eBook, sponsored by Softwire – one of the UK’s leading technology consultancies – we will examine the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for brands and organisations within M&E, taking in expert views from across both industries.

Five Trends Changing The Face Of Digital Transformation In 2022

The digital transformation era has arrived, and with it has come countless innovations for businesses to explore. The pandemic has demonstrated the need for companies to adapt and accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies.

How to lead digital transformation from the top

A practical guide for leaders facing the challenge of transforming their organizations through digital technology.

Sustainable, Safe, and Efficient: Corporate Travel Leaders Share Their Vision For The Future

In 2022, a gradual reopening of business travel has led to businesses taking a fresh look at how they can make sure staff are safe and secure when they are travelling. The challenges of global travel increased during the pandemic.

Supply Chain 4.0: Navigating the journey to a digital ecosystem

Over the past few years, it has become clear that digital transformation of the supply chain is sorely needed. Around the world there are no shortage of technological solutions readily available to solve these problems, so why then has progress and adoption been relatively slow?

Top Five Characteristics of Successful Digital Transformation Leaders

CIOs must possess five key characteristics to lead and deliver on digital transformation. As CIOs face ever-expanding responsibilities in their roles, they must remain effective in dealing with uncertainty and change. Digital not only disrupts business, it also transforms leadership.


Digital Transformation Must Focus On People And Processes To Succeed

While it might be fun to geek out on all the cool new features and engineering of the technology implementation, all too often, there’s a disconnect between the promise and what the technology delivers on the plant floor.

Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation: Professional Services Firms and Their Paths to Success

The pandemic taught us that digital transformation helps organisations to survive even the most challenging markets. From supermarkets to financial organisations and factories, we saw new business models emerge that drove revenues and enhanced engagement.


38 IT leaders, legacy and the challenge of digital transformation

When it seems IT strategists have only just got their heads around cloud, there’s now another issue impacting legacy systems – digital transformation. Often legacy systems survive simply due to the cost of replacing them, and they do not have the luxury to start IT infrastructure afresh.

Daring to Disrupt:
How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 1

Businesses have seen exceptional change in 2020. Enterprises are under pressure to improve customer service delivery, employees are demanding more convenient and faster access to applications and data, and as networks become more complex, so do security threats.

Daring to Disrupt:
How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 2

Following on from our Part 1 eBook, Part 2 encompasses a further 33 business leaders who shared increasing optimism and plans for transformation in 2021. They told us about how they handled the challenges of implementing a complex global infrastructure.

Cloud Business Applications: Best Practices Uncovered

While much has changed in the business application landscape, today’s organisations are still faced with the question of how best to align digital, business and application strategies. How can business applications deliver greater efficiency, competitive advantage and value-added products and services?

Bolder cloud adoption

Cloud computing has been one of the biggest game changers of the digital era, offering organisations the opportunity to be bolder and nimbler in their IT-enabled business ambitions. Cloud IT access is now a competitive imperative.

What is the DNA of the very best IT suppliers?

Fuelled by the dual promise of cost savings and business transformation, IT services contract activity in the UK continues to increase, with spend hitting record levels in the first quarter of 2017, despite an uncertain political and economic outlook.

Unpacking The Future Impact of Microsoft Technologies

Windows 1.0 was released at the end 1985. Fast forward more than 30 years and the software giant that has long dominated the personal computer operating system market has expanded into cloud, search, email, gaming and unified communications.

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