There are now 433 fintech unicorns globally. More than 40% of all fintech unicorns have been created in 2021.

Fintech startups have surged to a combined value of $3.5 trillion, up 6.2x since 2016. Fintech is the biggest sector for VC funding, attracting 20% of all the investments. Regions such as US, Europe and China have already seen global leaders emerge in the field and now India, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa are coming to the scene. (

Mitigating inflation, rising debt, and cashflow

In today’s economic environment, businesses confront challenges like inflation, surging debt, and cash flow pressures. This report highlights the significance of cash flow optimisation, digital solutions in finance, inter-departmental collaboration, supply chain resilience, and monitoring of inflation trends, offering strategies for business resilience and success amidst these hurdles.

To greenfield or not to greenfield? How banking leaders are preparing for tomorrow’s customer today

Open banking and the rise of fintechs are changing the world of banking. Established financial institutions may have ridden out many of the changes so far, thanks to their banking licences and consumer trust, but fintechs and challenger banks are steadily eroding market share.

Lending in the Instant Economy

Businesses and consumers now expect to consume services instantly, and that now applies to financial services and lending. As a result, the lending landscape is evolving rapidly. Banks and financial institutions now face competition from new market entrants and challenger banks.

How banks can maximize the value of fintech acquisitions

Even as banks eagerly snap up fintech companies, they need to know the problems these deals can bring—and plan ahead to avoid them.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 1

Fintech innovation is disrupting and helping to transform all kinds of business sectors, from banking and lending to employment services and travel. Innovation is geared both to creating efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 2

Up to now, banks have retained customers by being the safe all-rounders, while challenger providers have filled the gaps in great customer experiences. To keep offerings feeling enticing and invaluable, digital-first financial providers need to continue thinking outside of the box.

Fintech 2021 Report

What happened in fintech in 2021.

The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy

Digital First thinking is transforming businesses and the technology that drives them. Industries ranging from retail and manufacturing to media and finance are being totally reinvented as they start to view the world through a Digital First lens. And now this revolution is rapidly and irrevocably disrupting global markets participants.

The Finance Professional for Tomorrow

Once considered a remittance function and ‘those guys that hack away at numbers in the back office’, finance has come a long way from a reporting function balancing the books, to a data-driven decision-center and a human-machine ecosystem.

Effective cash flow control in an uncertain global market

How to unlock working capital efficiencies as inflation compounds supply chain disruption.

Considering a fintech takeover? Five steps towards a successful merger

A fintech’s technology team is among the most valuable assets in a merger; structuring financial incentives correctly will help buyers achieve a deal’s multi-year ROI targets.

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The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy


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