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Resilient, Agile and Connected

In today’s fast-moving and competitive world, those manufacturing companies able to demonstrate resilience and agility – powered by a strong and stable connected network infrastructure – will continue to grow and thrive.

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Pushing the Perimeter

The pandemic changed billions of lives in many ways. Overnight, company networks moved from a centralised corporate space, protected by layers of firewalls, anti-virus software and hardware to employees’ kitchen tables and home broadband.

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation

The banking, financial services and insurance sector is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. At a time when many organisations are looking to reduce costs and gain market share, increased competition has arrived in the form of agile start-ups.

How Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Leaders are Changing the Travel Industry

The global pandemic brought travel to a halt, at a time when the sector was already facing huge competition from Internet-based start-ups with agile technology and fast, personalised customer service. Radical change is necessary for organisations to survive and even thrive.

Daring to Disrupt: How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 1

Businesses have seen exceptional change in 2020. Enterprises are under pressure to improve customer service delivery, employees are demanding more convenient and faster access to applications and data, and as networks become more complex, so do security threats.

Daring to Disrupt: How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 2

Following on from our Part 1 eBook, Part 2 encompasses a further 33 business leaders who shared increasing optimism and plans for transformation in 2021. They told us about how they handled the challenges of implementing a complex global infrastructure.

What is the DNA of the very best IT suppliers?

Fuelled by the dual promise of cost savings and business transformation, IT services contract activity in the UK continues to increase, with spend hitting record levels in the first quarter of 2017, despite an uncertain political and economic outlook.

Unpacking The Future Impact of Microsoft Technologies

Windows 1.0 was released at the end 1985. Fast forward more than 30 years and the software giant that has long dominated the personal computer operating system market has expanded into cloud, search, email, gaming and unified communications.

The CFO in the 2020s

The days of the Chief Financial Officer being seen primarily as a bean counter have been receding for some time. Instead CFOs are increasingly occupying a strategic role tied to the insights and empirical data that they can bring to strategic planning.

Engines of Engagement
How digital and IT leaders are evolving customer personalization securely

Organizations are increasingly seeking to offer customers compelling personalized services. However, issues like high-profile data breaches, overly intrusive digital marketing, and inaccurate customer assumptions resulting from poor data handling can all cause customer dissatisfaction and damage reputation.

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