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Christopher Tart-Roberts

Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer

“Conversations dry up very quickly when they are trying to sell a tool that doesn’t work or are unable to describe how it would benefit us. Credibility is incredibly important – making the effort to understand our business – not just looking at our website for three items to add to a sales pitch. It’s about being able to talk credibly about what they can do for us.”

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What is the DNA of the very best IT suppliers?

It is calculated that up to a quarter of IT projects are considered ‘unsatisfactory’ in their execution. To better understand why this is, TechPros conducted interviews with 37 leading UK IT service providers to establish the characteristics (or DNA) of the best suppliers (and the poorest).

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Unpacking The Future Impact of Microsoft Technologies

To uncover how companies in the UK are using Microsoft technologies today, we interviewed more than 50 business executives about their current IT and technology needs. Talking with everyone from COO’s and technical directors to VP’s and project managers, we wanted to find out how businesses across a variety of industries are using Microsoft technologies each day.

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