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Insights and best practices from some of the best IT service providers in the world.

What is the DNA of the very best IT suppliers?

It is calculated that up to a quarter of IT projects are considered ‘unsatisfactory’ in their execution. To better understand why this is, TechPros conducted interviews with 37 leading UK IT service providers to establish the characteristics (or DNA) of the best suppliers (and the poorest).

Unpacking The Future Impact of Microsoft Technologies

To uncover how companies in the UK are using Microsoft technologies today, we interviewed more than 50 business executives about their current IT and technology needs. Talking with everyone from COO’s and technical directors to VP’s and project managers, we wanted to find out how businesses across a variety of industries are using Microsoft technologies each day.

The CFO in the 2020s

This eBook was compiled to explore the opinions of CFOs and finance leaders experiences of using Intelligent Automation, how automation is impacting their role and department, and what the challenges and successes are.

Engines of Engagement
How digital and IT leaders are evolving customer personalization securely

In this e-book, we explore how digital and IT leaders are rising to these challenges and rethinking how they build and operate customer-facing systems to help their organisations deliver the innovative and compelling personalised services necessary to maintain customer loyalty and attract new business.

Daring to Disrupt: How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 1

Businesses have seen an exceptional change in 2020. Global enterprises are under pressure to make dramatic changes to customer service delivery. At the same time, employees, many now working from home, are demanding more convenient and faster access to the applications and data they need. And as networks become more complex, so do the number and sophistication of security threats. This eBook combines these findings with our insights to offer a guide to getting the best from your infrastructure.

Daring to Disrupt: How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 2

Following on from our Part 1 eBook, Part 2 encompasses a further 33 business leaders who shared increasing optimism and plans for transformation in 2021. They told us about how they handled the challenges of implementing a complex global infrastructure – ranging from security issues to skills shortages. This eBook combines these findings with our insights to offer a guide to optimising your global infrastructure.

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

This eBook explores how financial services organisations are realising value from data to deliver better, more personalised customer service.

How Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Leaders are Changing the Travel Industry

This eBook explores how the travel, transport and logistics sectors are facing huge challenges and how innovative leaders are using data to deliver powerful, customer-centric services.

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