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Thought leadership, the changing role of the CMO, virtual events and balancing brand with demand activation. Find out what today’s marketing leaders think.

B2B Customer Acquisition: The role of human engagement in a world of digital-first enterprise marketing

Pressure on people’s time and the fact that many employees still work remotely, post pandemic, have changed the way that B2B buyers get their information and discover potential suppliers.

B2B Customer Acquisition: The Role of Human Engagement in a World of Digital-First Marketing

The pandemic transformed the way millions of people lived, worked and communicated. In the B2B sales and marketing landscape, vendors had to find new ways to engage with their customers and employees.

Digital engagement: A new era in investment promotion

The Covid-19 pandemic hit many industries hard, especially Foreign Direct Investment. Investment Promotion Agencies exist to attract and facilitate direct investment into regions and countries from international investors. So, what happens when international travel comes to a complete halt?

Balancing Brand with Demand Activation

Achieving Return on Investment on marketing investments is the intention of every technology and services business. But over what period of time? We asked 23 enterprise technology and services marketing leaders about the brand marketing strategies they are currently deploying.

The Changing Role of Marketing in Enterprise

Two decades into digital transformation, and it’s not just technology being transformed. The way organisations relate to customers has changed, companies are no longer simply selling products, but delivering customer-focused solutions. The CMO is at the heart of the move towards account-based marketing.

Virtual Events: A passing phase or the new normal?

In a world where face to face meetings are increasingly rare, organisers are instead launching a new generation of virtual events, which are not without their challenges. How can organisations create high quality content that will stand out in a crowded marketplace?

How B2B Sales & Marketing Processes have Changed

To be effective, marketing needs to be increasingly personalised and sales require more research than ever. There’s a need for varying forms of high quality content at every stage of the buying process, with marketing automation tools growing in importance.

Thought Leadership: Today's Sharpest Marketing Tool?

Creating effective thought leadership means evaluating content ideas carefully, and then selecting the best format and platform for distribution. Organisations should strive to be collaborative in the creation of thought leadership, adding voices from customers, industry thought leaders and partners.

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