Expert insight into optimising telecommunications and infrastructure transformation.

The eBooks have uncovered how leading organisations are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to create memorable, repeatable customer experiences by providing convenient and faster access to the applications and data they need.

Daring to Disrupt: How digital leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 1

Businesses have seen an exceptional change in 2020. Global enterprises are under pressure to make dramatic changes to customer service delivery. At the same time, employees, many now working from home, are demanding more convenient and faster access to the applications and data they need. And as networks become more complex, so do the number and sophistication of security threats. This eBook combines these findings with our insights to offer a guide to getting the best from your infrastructure.

Network Optimization in an age of Digitilization

Telecom companies are facing major changes to their network infrastructure such as FTTH and 5G rollout. These challenges are forcing many global providers to rethink their software and network infrastructure and this eBook provides valuable insights into the priorities and perspectives of these industry leaders.

Daring to Disrupt: How Digital Leaders are transforming network infrastructures, Part 2

Following on from our Part 1 eBook, Part 2 encompasses a further 33 business leaders who shared increasing optimism and plans for transformation in 2021. They told us about how they handled the challenges of implementing a complex global infrastructure – ranging from security issues to skills shortages. This eBook combines these findings with our insights to offer a guide to optimising your global infrastructure.

Next generation networks in the era of customer centricity

IQGeo partnered with to find out how network providers are navigating their digital transformation in this increasingly customer-centric business landscape. Conducting interviews with CDOs, CIOs and CTOs at some of the top telecoms firms across North America and Europe, we were keen to discover how they were meeting their business objectives, embracing market disruptions and managing operational challenges in highly competitive industry.

The Trailblazers: Leading the remote working transformation

When the pandemic struck, there was a surge in the use of technology that would allow large numbers of employees to collaborate remotely. Where possible, businesses rose to the challenge and changed their ways of working literally overnight.

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