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Harry Tchilinguirian

Head of Commodity Research

“Stiffening regulations and banks’ CSR policies, have meant banks began to withdraw capital from some certain areas of the commodity sector, such as withdrawal of capital to Canadian oil sands. And that’s where companies who have sufficient cash flow may be tempted to use it to get involved where banks are no longer or less involved.”

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Agenda 2030 - driving continued revenues in global hydrocarbons

Amphora has been running a series of interviews with global leaders in the hydrocarbon industry to hear their views on the current state of the market and what needs to be done to secure ongoing revenues. This eBook aims to combine these findings with Amphora’s insight into the sector to offer a guide to maintaining revenues in the global hydrocarbons sector.

The Digital Revolution of B2B Marketplaces

Statistics show that b2b marketplaces are playing catch up with the b2c sphere. TechPros interviews with more than 30 industry leaders surfaced a range of business challenges; from pricing, to market culture through to sales methodology. digital transformation is offering great opportunities, both internal and external. b2b consumers now expect an Amazon level of service. How far are we from delivering it? And what are the challenges standing in the way?

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