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The Changing Role of Marketing

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The CFO in the 2020s


The Digital Skills Gap

Why Sponsor community-led Thought Leadership initiatives?

Because you learn what is happening in the market and meet sharp minds working within your industry.

Our Sponsors, typically technology and services companies, not only benefit from the knowledge gained for themselves and their participants but also the content publications which support marketing initiatives.


Edwin Abl

Chief Marketing Officer

“ has been important raising awareness of Modulr and our solutions across sectors by facilitating truly insightful conversations with key business leaders about their challenges and innovations.”

Modulr Finance is the new integrated payment service for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. They’ve sponsored several Thought Leadership studies with looking at the impact of instant payments across recruitment, accounting and property services.

What are the current trends shaping your market?
We’re interested in the way that businesses of all sizes are leveraging payments as a way to add or enhance their services as part of what they do. There are also numerous exciting regulatory shifts happening in Europe, and as a result many innovative business models and players are embedding payments into their solutions to make it easier for end-customers to make and receive payments instantly.

What is your key challenge for 2020?
Modulr has singularly focused on building our secure and resilient payments platform which means we don’t yet have the broad awareness across industries the way that traditional financial institutions do. Educating the customer is a long-term journey in our nascent space.

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