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The purpose of Techpros.io is to accelerate learning for all those involved through crowdsourcing insights across a network of senior business and technology leaders in a specific sector or industry.

Join in thought leadership interviews for eBooks, blogs, podcasts, online panels and Roundtable events with other community members.

Thought Leadership eBooks

Leading IT and Professional Services organisations commission research surveys to delve into important industry topics and gain insights from industry thought leaders.

What this video to see how one organisation approached research that resulted in an eBook that positions them as industry leaders by sharing valuable insight with their peers.

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Your insights, quotes, headshot and personal bio can be featured in eBooks and shared with hundreds or thousands of your industry peers.

Online panel discussions

Join your industry peers in an online panel discussion that digs deeper into the findings of an eBook which you have featured in.  These videos are shared widely on social media platforms as part of integrated Thought Leadership programs sponsored by well-known technology and services brands.

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Podcast series interviewees receive a branded thumbnail and professionally edited audio file of their interview complete with lead in music and your personalised introduction, within two weeks.

Post your interview and insights on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks.

Roundtable Events

As an active member of the TechPros.io community, you may qualify for an invitation to a Roundtable discussion at a venue near you. Find out what challenges your peer group are facing, share your ideas, learn from a dozen other leaders and make new connections.

A perfect way to learn and network.

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