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Interactive Roundtables, Podcasts, and Articles 

TechPros.io hosts enriching virtual and in-person roundtables with C-level leaders, followed by opportunities for podcast interviews and articles.

Virtual Roundtables: 60-75 minute sessions with 4-6 C-level participants, fostering remote engagement and insights exchange.

In-Person Sessions: 3-4 hour gatherings with 4-10 C-level attendees, enabling deeper connection and discussion.

Collaborative Format: Participants submit and vote on business challenges to discuss, ensuring relevance and collective focus.

Chatham House Rule: Ensures confidentiality, promoting open and honest problem-solving discussions.

Post-Event Engagement: Share your session insights with the wider community through a follow-up interview for a podcast and article.

Before confirming your event place, you are invited to a 15-minute call with us. This session provides insights into the TechPros.io community, the event topic, other participants, our sponsor, and the event and post-event content production process. Event participation is by invitation only.

Benefits of participation

Gain Industry Insights: Engage with your peers’ expertise, uncovering shared challenges and insights.

Stimulate Thought and Strategy: Participate in discussions that not only reveal common issues but also foster innovative ideas, potentially guiding your professional decisions.

Expand Your Network: Build new relationships, enhancing both professional growth and career opportunities.

Elevate Your Profile: Feature alongside C-level executives in post-event promotions and become part of our exclusive Guild community.

Cost-Free Engagement: Thanks to our sponsors, you can enjoy these benefits without any financial commitment.

Share. Learn. Connect. Embrace the collective wisdom of industry peer group discussions with TechPros.io.

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