Event Experiences

TechPros.io event experiences are recorded virtual roundtables followed by a Podcast episode or article. 

– 60 – 75 minute sessions include 5 to 6 C-level participants

– You anonymously submit a challenge in advance via the forms below

– All participants vote on which challenge is selected

– The challenge owner explains the problem in detail

– The challenge is discussed and everyone offers solution

Our events operate under the Chatham House Rule, which ensures that the identity of the challenge owner is not disclosed. With the challenge clarified and solutions revealed, following the event we interview you for the Podcast episode or article.

Benefits of participation

Tap into the minds of your industry peers.

Participate in a stimulating discussion that uncovers common challenges and issues

Share and learn new ideas from the discussion which could influence decision-making at work.

Establish new relationships which could assist with professional and career development.

Be featured alongside C-level peers in post-event marketing and join our Guild community.

There is no charge for participating thanks to our Sponsors.

Upcoming Events

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