Frequently Asked Questions

So you are interested in raising your profile as a Thought Leader in your industry but you have questions before getting involved? We have summarised some of the questions we’ve been asked and thought of a few others too.

What are the benefits of participating?

Most participants in Sponsored Thought Leadership interviews find the 30 mins highly engaging and a good use of time.  Your thoughts along with those of your peers is set out in an eBook. For each programme we interview up to 50 of your peers. It is useful to know what your peers are saying along with the current trends and ideas from leading professionals.  Being acknowledged in an eBook which will be distributed to thousands of professionals will raise your profile online. There will also be the opportunity to be invited to participate in an online panel discussion and videos will be distributed to your professional community.  The experience can also lead to new business relationships as you will be acknowledged and your peers can connect with you.

Who is the interviewer?

In most cases the interviewer is a associate.  A business professional with c.15 to 20 years experience in business who has excellent people and listening skills. Very occasionally our Sponsor conducts the interviews.

How does the interview work? is funded by leading technology and professionals services businesses who Sponsor engaging educational content in the form of eBooks and recorded panel and round table discussions featuring senior business and technology leaders like you. These eBooks and videos are shared widely amongst the business community raising awareness of your personal brand.  Our Sponsors benefit from the publicity and also build new relationships with some of the thought leaders who become partners, introducers or even clients.

What is the interview like?

Firstly you will find the experience enjoyable and enlightening.  How often are you interviewed on a subject of professional interest for 30min?  The interview forces you to think critically about your marketplace and the associated business and technology landscape – its a great feeling sharing your insights, thoughts and ideas.

If I take an interview what happens next?

Your interview is reviewed for valuable insights which can contribute to the eBook. When we prepare the eBook brief if we wish to quote you we write to you for your approval along with a short bio and photo.  In some cases if it is clear that there could be interest in.

Will anything I say be published?

Usually we quote up to 10 Interviewees in the eBook as well as summarise the insights.  As noted at the beginning of the interview, the interviewer will inform you that by taking the interview you are giving permission for you to be quoted and your company referenced. We email the quotes to be used prior to publishing and you have ten days to respond with your changes. If you wish to be interviewed and not quoted you can so advise the interviewer at the beginning of the interview.

How will I be acknowledged?

As a participant your name, role, company will be acknowledged.  If you are quoted we will ask you for a short bio and photograph.  

My company may need to approve this / I do not want my company acknowledged

We can leave your company name out of any acknowledgement or reference to you within the ebook at your request.

Will I be sold to if I participate?

The Thought Leadership and succeeding content eBooks and online panel discussions are Sponsored.  The Sponsor uses the content to add value and educate their addressable market, the process of which can lead to new business development. Often interviewees find the interview a great experience and enjoy further discussions on the subject with the sponsor.  This is not obligatory and there is not a sales push, just an option for further discussion if there is interest.