DATE: 4th May 2021 | TIME: 9.30am to 11.00am (BST)

Avoiding the Customer Sinkhole

To conclude our thought leadership programme Customer experience: The price of payment inefficiencies, sponsored by Modulr, TechPros held an exclusive, invitation-only Virtual Roundtable event on Tuesday 4th May at 9:30am BST.

In this exclusive roundtable event, attendees were invited to submit challenges they were facing. These were then voted on by their fellow participants, the most popular being discussed in the group.

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TechPros brought together senior leaders in Crypto-Currency to uncover the challenges and solutions of investing in technology in a time that we are reluctant to spend, regulation issues and more. The challenges discussed were:

1) The biggest challenge we face is the dichotomy between the demand for rapid adoption by clients / consumers and the very risk averse approach of institutional investors. We have a level of demand that we are struggling to meet with the resources available, and institutional investors who are still stating that they are not sure there will be any demand at all when they enter the market.

2) How do we effectively bring new products to the market that don’t fit into the “existing box”, whilst maintaining the traditional strong financial services industry, with a regulator that is not keeping pace with other leading jurisdiction?

3) How do you balance customer delight and a great digital experience, with all the friction caused by regulation (KYC / AML) and fraud prevention, where crypto is particularly targeted by scammers?

4) How does crypto go mainstream? Is it a question of UX/UI, use cases, regulation, or something else?

The context of each challenge was discussed which flowed into a Q&A as well as a discussion around the solutions.


Teggy Altankhuyag - COO and Co-Director, Coinfloor
Maximilian Marenbach - Head of Banking and Payments, Kraken Digital Asset Exchange
Steven Parker - Executive Director / CEO, Crypterium
Charles O'Neil - CEO, CoinMode
Paul Tiley - Chief Technology Officer, Coinpass Global
Jan-Oliver Sell - Head Of Operations, Coinbase
Gavin Waddell - Business Development Manager, Modulr
Meghan Shaw - Go-To-Market Manager, Modulr