DATE: 21st October 2020 | TIME: 1.45pm to 3.30pm

Clicking and Sticking: How Digital Leaders are Transforming Customer Experience in an Era of Uncertainty

An exclusive group of Technical and Digital Leaders and C-Level executives from within the UK and Europe discussed some of the emerging strategies to address the new economic environment.

Prior to this highly interactive virtual session, each of you will present a business or industry challenge relating to the crisis. All participants vote and a challenge is selected prior to the discussion.

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2020 and COVID-19 has scaled consumer adoption of digital, and Akamai has observed unprecedented traffic to our clients’ digital properties. This has accelerated digital transformation initiatives and priorities for business leaders globally. Let’s host a roundtable discussion for business leaders to share their changing priorities as consumer adoption of digital accelerates, and share strategies to overcome common challenges around digital transformation:

Building a 1:1 relationship with the customer

Siloed data


Data privacy legislation

The goal of the session is to dig into how customer identity data is increasingly important across business disciplines: IT, security, and of course, marketing. The ultimate goal is to create exceptional customer experiences, package the data in a way that is useful across the business and accessible by all enterprise applications, and secure sensitive customer identity data.


At this event, we hosted 4 leading Digital figures from an exciting and diverse mix of sectors. The first lively challenge, asked the question; How are agencies & brands building closer connections for a data-driven future, before & during these times & beyond? Should brands be testing more & how can they maximise the impacts of those tests for brand growth? Here we saw a harmonisation of solutions from different perspectives. Analyze the data sets with a testing and learning plan, mixed with a data and insights team (who need to be empowered to make choices and brief leadership and creative directors.) Our second challenge of the day asked; Due to the pandemic impact – Digital investment is at its peak. Given the changes in the data environment, how do digital leaders anticipate to adapt in the year ahead, and explore avenues not tested before? With an interesting exchange across the different industries, a collective agreement of internal risk mapping, stakeholder engagement, and the ever-growing importance of the Data and analytics team. Our final challenge of the day proposed; How do we think sports entertainment will evolve with the accelerating digital transformation of the entertainment industry and wider technological advancements? Most importantly from this interesting exchange was affirming digital products must be tailored with the customer in mind and in response to the customer, benefits of strong reporting lines, and organisational structure.