Roundtable Event

Developing an Enterprise Data Strategy for 2020

C-Level business and technology peers discussed the surge in data facing all large organisations and strategies to manage and drive value from it.

Event Content

To kick off this highly interactive session, each of you will present a data-related challenge that you currently face within your organisation. All participants vote, 2 challenges are selected for the discussion.

  • Efficient Strategies To Draw Valuable Insights From Data
  • Increasing Data Usage Whilst Reducing Cost Of Ownership
  • How Should Data Strategies Be Financed?
  • How Should Data Be Captured And Stored?

Event Details

Date: 13th February 2020

Venue: Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire, 31-36 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LH

Time: 2:00pm – 5.30pm, followed by drinks & networking until 6pm

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Event Stats

Event score: 87%

Number of participants: 7

Participant Feedback

The first challenge chosen was: How do you create a culture to ensure data creates transformational business value across the enterprise? The session discussed the regulatory and organisational advantages and disadvantages of a centralised v regional data strategy, the involvement of data scientists in the formation of strategy and creating ‘data academies’. The second challenge “How does hybrid cloud platform adoption help (or not help) in the implementation of an efficient and cost-effective data strategy? The table agreed organisations should take a cloud-aware/cloud-considered rather than a cloud-first approach. It was revealed that the latest data storage technologies can support and integrate multi-cloud environments.

Alan Inglis - Astellas Pharma Europe

Mike Croucher - Travelport

Gaurav Swarup - Yell

Ratan Baddipudi - Electrocomponents plc

Mark Radford - Infinidat