DATE: 8th November | TIME: 2pm - 5.30pm

From vision to execution: Charting the AI roadmap in media & entertainment

The media and entertainment sectors are amidst a pivotal transformation, driven by AI. However, the journey towards AI integration isn't without challenges. Senior leaders grapple with concerns spanning from ethics, IP, and data privacy to the potential of job displacement and the overarching need for corporate education and alignment. Balancing AI-driven creativity with the preservation of human artistry becomes essential in this new landscape.

We expect the discussion to cover: - The transformative potential of generative AI in content personalization. - Balancing AI-driven creativity with the preservation of human artistry. - Establishing a holistic AI strategy that's anchored in ethics and enhances human creativity. - Technical and executional challenges for AI implementations. - Data privacy, ownership, and IP concerns. - The role of stakeholders in AI-driven transformations. Senior leaders from the media and entertainment industry who are either already working with AI or planning an AI-related transformation. Participants will include Globant’s UK MD and Head of AI. Upon registration, you'll be asked to submit a challenge pertaining to the topic. These challenges, while anonymous, will be shared with all participants before the event through the Guild community group. Participants present their challenges, which are subsequently voted upon. Discussions revolve around these challenges, with participants interrogating and offering solutions. If time permits, a second challenge will be broached. A week post-event, we'll interview you about your contributions during the event. This will be used for the podcast episode and a thought leadership article.

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