DATE: 19th January 2023 | TIME: 2.00 PM GMT

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

We held an exclusive Virtual Roundtable event on Thursday, January 19th as part of the "B2B Customer Acquisition" thought leadership program sponsored by Network Sunday. The event was an opportunity for participants to share their ideas and experiences with other industry professionals facing similar challenges and opportunities. In this exclusive roundtable event, attendees were invited to submit challenges they were facing. These were then voted on by their fellow participants, the most popular being discussed in the group. CMOs and experts from the tech industry gathered at the invitation-only Virtual Roundtable event moderated by TechPros.

The challenge that received the most votes was "how to identify exactly which sales and marketing efforts have influenced the sale."

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The challenge sought to uncover the key factors that drive the B2B sales funnel - is it the prowess of your sales team or the result of dazzling marketing campaigns? And once you've determined the answer, how do you ensure that each department receives a fair share of the budget?

Our participants came up with the following solutions:

1. Analyse marketing data

2. Conduct customer surveys

3. Track changes in customer behaviour

4. Alignment with stakeholders

5. Leverage technology


Jonathan Broadley - Head of Marketing, AccessPay
Dave Hudges - Head of Marketing, Ideal
Emily Tippins - Chief Marketing Officer, Avantra
Graham Smith - Advisory Director, Testhouse
Paul Russell - Founder, Evenifitwasfree
Cari Jones - Senior Director Global Demand Generation, Taulia
Gerhard Heide - Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Marionete