DATE: 2nd February 2023 | TIME: 2pm-3pm

Story Telling

Join this 45 min peer group session to discuss common challenges on this subject and find out how others are solving them. At this event, you will: 1.Meet other B2B sales and marketing leaders 2.Vote on which challenges are chosen for discussion 3. a solution to each challenge put forward

To attend the event you must submit 1 challenge below in no more than 30 words, please. will confirm your invitation by email on receipt of your registration and challenge. Prior to the event, these will be shared (anonymously) via a WhatsApp group. At the event, participants will vote on which 3 challenges will be discussed. Before moving on to the next one, each participant must propose a solution to each challenge. The 45 min virtual event will be recorded and the most insightful contributions produced and shared on LinkedIn within 7 days of the event subject to approvals.

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