DATE: 2nd February 2023 | TIME: 2pm-3pm

Story Telling

On Thursday, March 2nd, we hosted an exclusive Virtual Roundtable event as part of the "B2B Customer Acquisition" thought leadership program sponsored by Network Sunday. The event brought together industry professionals facing similar challenges and opportunities, providing a unique opportunity for them to share their ideas and experiences. Attendees were encouraged to submit their challenges, which were then voted on by their peers. The most popular challenges were discussed in-depth during the event. The Virtual Roundtable was an invitation-only event, moderated by TechPros, and attended by CMOs and experts from the tech industry.

The challenge that received the most votes was "building a consistent and continuous narrative across multiple channels"

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The challenge aimed to find solutions on how to build consistent and continuous narrative across multiple channels - while balancing the competing needs of different teams within marketing and communications?

Here are some of the solutions that our participants came up with:

1. Define your brand story and messaging guidelines

2. Develop a content strategy

3. Use a content calendar

4. Tailor content to specific channels

5. Leverage data

6. Ensure collaboration across teams

7. Consider a central hub

8. Monitor and respond to feedback


Laurence Baker - Marketing Director - Ontra
Emily Tippins - Chief Marketing Office - Avantra
Richard Nolan - Fractional Chief Marketing Officer - Leighton Fine Art