DATE: 15th July 2020 | TIME: 3pm to 4.30pm

Transport and Logistics: Turning crisis into opportunity

C-Level business and technology leaders discussed the impact of the Coronavirus on the European Transport & Logistics industry. Learn some of the emerging strategies to address the new economic environment.

Prior to this highly interactive virtual session, each of you will present a business or industry challenge relating to the crisis. All participants vote and a challenge is selected prior to the discussion.

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Technology imperatives for Logistics & Transportation in the new normal: Spotlight on during and post recovery

Driving Innovation and data-enabled decision making in the future of Logistics & Transportation

How to make digital real while containing cost

De-risking the future: How to future-proof an entire industry in a post-pandemic world

How automation and remote work culture are leading to an inevitable 2.0 shift in transport and logistics


Over the course of a lively 90 minute session, participants engaged each other on 3 separate challenges. They ranged from digitising warehouse and transport operations to creating the headroom for future digital investment, to new ways of motivating and leading teams in a post-Covid remote working environment. Various insightful recommendations were given by each of the participants, from securing the right internal partners for early support to focusing on small, early wins to build a larger transformation roadmap. Conducting a roundtable under Chatham House rules allows participants to dive deeply into various challenges and benefit from the empathy and solid advice of other senior peers.