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Supply Chain 4.0: Navigating The Journey To A Digital Ecosystem

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & HCL on Thursday 31st March, we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

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HCL - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. The future success of control tower systems in organisations is questioned. How can we make control (command) centre systems really successful and with high adoption rates?
2. A key challenge when working towards becoming more resilient is monitoring trends and risk development. Beyond the very short term operational focus, what are good benchmark approaches for what and how to monitor risks and trends in a 3-24m period?
3. The challenge of change management and how we can accelerate change management to build a strong 4.0 manufacturing adoption.
4. How do we manage supply chain uncertainty and continue deploying the AI and Manufacturing 4.0 initiatives?
5. The challenge of cost inflation and the ability to ensure supply.
6. The challenge of unlocking incremental end-to-end value chain opportunities through the leverage of control towers and technology.
7. How to ensure constant visibility on a SKU level along the supply chain, from manufacturer to store or consumer, including the single use of Data, e.g. for clearance processes in B2B and B2C.
8. How to optimise inventory when using a network of fulfillment warehouse, so that shelftime is minimised and shipping distance to the consumer reaches a required level, such as next day.
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