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Beyond 2020 – Stories From Supply Chain Leaders Plotting The Future

Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & Mindtree on 11th November 2020, 2:45 pm UK time (BST), we’ve collated the Challenges you’ve submitted for voting.

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Mindtree (Beyond 2020) - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. As a result of Covid19, we expect a significant change in travel behavior at a long time lower level. We are adjusting our workforce accordingly by 25-30%. An additional 15-20% reduction would presumably be possible through consistent digitalization. How can the willingness to embrace digital transformation be maintained in such a time?
2. For me the challenge is helping the teams be more productive in 2021 in the new business environment. How do we eliminate processes that don’t add value to our customers and take too much time away from critical thinking and creative work.
3. The impact of Covid has changed the way we work in our offices potentially forever with home working being the way we will operate going forward, the challenge for me is how do we ensure that we continue to retain and develop the culture of our organisation so that it remains as solid as pre Covid and stronger going forward with less informal interactions that would normally occur in an office environment.
4. Nearly everyone in transportation/logistics can agree that digital documentation, such as an eBOL, would reduce waste and increase efficiency in the supply chain. However, the industry lacks a viable standard, and it appears efforts will resemble EDI with a bunch of point to point and “one-off” integrations. Surely, we can do better.
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