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78% of leaders say more government regulation of AI is needed, highlighting the technology's far-reaching impact and the need for oversight.

Generative AI seems to be following the same pattern, only much, much faster. ChatGPT was publicly released on November 30, 2022, largely as a technology demonstration. Two months later, it had already attracted an estimated 100 million active users—making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history [Deloitte, January 2024].

The next frontier in experience design

Boston Consulting Group’s report outlines five technology trends transforming customer experience (CX): GenAI, spatial computing, 5G, and augmented reality. Dubbed EQ-X, Agent-to-Agent CX, GenUI, XR+AI, and Screenless CX, these trends amplify each other, creating a multiplier effect. Companies are urged to innovate and experiment within these areas to lead in CX transformation, focusing on emotional intelligence, automated interfaces, and immersive experiences [Boston Consulting Group, February 2024].

The future of strategic measurement: Enhancing KPIs with AI

In collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, MIT Sloan Management Review’s February 2024 report emphasizes the transformation in using AI to enhance KPIs, driving better decision-making and financial benefits. Focusing on AI’s role in redefining performance measurement, it showcases how companies adopting AI-enhanced KPIs outperform, with insights from global executives on leveraging AI for strategic outcomes [MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group, February 2024].

Improving tomorrow's security by decoding the quantum computing threat

The EY and JPMC whitepaper discusses quantum computing’s impact on security protocols, urging a shift to quantum-safe solutions. It highlights the evolving threat landscape, the need for crypto-agility, and steps for adopting quantum-resistant technologies. The paper provides a detailed guide for organizations on navigating quantum computing challenges, detailing post-quantum cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution strategies for a secure future. [EY and JPMC]

HITEC and KPMG AI and data ethics survey

The HITEC and KPMG AI and Data Ethics Survey, involving 160 members across industries, emphasizes the integration and ethical challenges of AI in organizations. It reveals a focus on issues like privacy, integrity, and emerging concerns about bias and accountability. Notably, 74% are engaging with GenAI, underscoring the necessity for responsible AI use. The survey highlights the importance of ethical frameworks in activating core principles more effectively. [KPMG, September-October 2023]

Navigating AI: Event insights

KPMG, in collaboration with the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), launched the “Navigating AI” report in March 2023, aimed at guiding government, business, and industry on AI use and adoption. Through client events, the series fostered discussions on AI, focusing on curiosity, acceptance, adoption, continuous learning, and workforce evolution. Key takeaways include the need for informed governance, enhancing question quality for AI interactions, and embracing AI for business problem-solving, highlighting the balance between innovation and risk management [KPMG, 2023].

Taking the 5G SA core leap

Deloitte’s 2023 report highlights the crucial transition towards 5G Standalone (SA) Core, with 112 operators in 52 countries investing to unlock 5G’s full potential. The shift from Non-Standalone (NSA) enhances capabilities in broadband, IoT, and low-latency applications. Despite challenges in developing cloud-native infrastructure, leaders like Singtel and Vodafone Germany are pioneering with innovative 5G SA applications, positioning it as essential for the future of telecommunications. [Deloitte 2023]

Gartner: 12 strategic technology trends for executive leaders in 2022

With the past two years seeing rapid technological change, Arun Chandrasekaran, research vice president analyst at Gartner, outlines the 12 technology trends executive leaders should consider in 2022 to ensure growth, greater digitalisation and operational efficiency across their organisation.

Leveraging AI to unlock creative potential in media

Navigate the dynamic media landscape with strategic AI adoption, empowering content creators to overcome commercial pressures, streamline workflows, and adapt to evolving viewer preferences while upholding ethical standards and brand integrity.

Gartner: Top answers to generative AI questions for enterprise

Generative AI isn’t just a technology or a business case — it is a key part of a society in which people and machines work together.

Navigating the new cloud era: Unveiling the complexities of hybrid architectures for global enterprises

The cloud is a game-changer for businesses, but using hybrid setups can be tricky. Explore the challenges global companies face with a mix of public and private clouds. Discover why many choose hybrid, how to align cloud decisions with business goals, and issues like skills gaps, data sovereignty, sustainability, and cost.

Embracing sustainable innovation: understanding the environmental impacts of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has scaled rapidly in the last several years and is projected to expand to an even larger market across industries and countries. It is shaking up the global financial system, but environmental concerns risk stifling innovation.

From vision to execution: Charting the AI roadmap in media & entertainment

Globant’s Head of AI, JJ López Murphy, provides thoughtful perspectives on the future where human creativity is pioneered by AI in entertainment. But this requires responsible implementation focused on people.

The metaverse and web3: The next internet platform

Looking past the hype and critique, Web3 and the metaverse are shaping a new application layer for the internet. How can leaders better understand this evolution and what it means for businesses, organizations, and society?

Metaverse, web3 and crypto: Separating blockchain hype from reality

Blockchain emerging technologies continue to be subject to significant hype. In particular, the metaverse, Web3 and cryptocurrency are three key innovations that have promise to deliver unique business benefits, but all are in varying stages of maturity.

McKinsey technology trends outlook 2022

Which technology trends matter most for companies in 2022? New analysis by the McKinsey Technology Council highlights the development, possible uses, and industry effects of advanced technologies.

Web3 beyond the hype

While buffeted by the recent market downturn and bankruptcies, digital assets and the technologies underlying them still have the potential to transform business models across sectors.

New regulation on the horizon – understanding the proposed EU AI Act

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an instrumental part of human society, revolutionizing many aspects of life. AI adoption is now more widespread and no longer limited to high tech or specialised industries such as banking.

The metaverse and Web3: The next internet platform

Looking past the hype and critique, Web3 and the metaverse are shaping a new application layer for the internet. How can leaders better understand this evolution and what it means for businesses, organizations, and society?

PwC 2022 AI business survey

AI success is becoming common. Here’s how leaders are leveraging data, cloud and analytics for a bigger payoff.

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