Eps.10 | New Technology: Gen Ai in Media & Entertainment, an interview with JJ Lopez Murphy, Head of AI at Globant

Globant is a $1B+ IT services and consulting business that helps organizations reinvent themselves with technology. It’s the place where engineering, design and innovation meet at scale. JJ has over 20 years of experience driving tech innovation in media and entertainment with the last 9 years at Globant.  A major focus for Globant is the Media and Entertainment industry where they are helping Netflix, Warner Bros., Discovery, FIFA, Universal, and many others, leverage AI to transform their businesses through unprecedented personalization of content and experiences while navigating risks around data privacy, IP, human creativity, and ethics. 

Key topics covered:

  • The rapid emergence of Generative AI in Media and Entertainment
  • The importance of establishing an ethical AI strategy to tap into this potential while avoiding risks like undermining creative IP. 
  • Fostering collaboration with talent to explore how Gen AI can augment human creativity is critical.
  • Building a Gen AI vision, rapidly prototyping solutions, and assembling cross-functional teams to democratize AI’s possibilities responsibly. 
  • Use case: AI infrastructure at a theme park, centered on better photo moments with characters, that scaled to optimize operations across the board. 
  • Advice for media/entertainment leaders involving stakeholders, and combining business opportunity with ethical purpose when innovating with AI.

JJ provided thoughtful perspectives on the future where human creativity is pioneered by AI in entertainment. But this requires responsible implementation focused on people.

Connect with Juan Jose ‘JJ’ Lopez Murphy – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jjlopezmurphy/

Connect with Tim Bond, Founder TechPros.io – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tngbond/

Learn about Globant in Media and Entertainment: https://www.globant.com/studio/media-and-entertainment


Event Details: TechPros.io Challenge Forum – afternoon of networking and brainstorming…

‘From Vision to Execution: Charting the AI Roadmap in Media & Entertainment’

At Globant’s London office on November 8th from 2pm – 5:30pm. 

Link to event registration page – https://techprosio.foleon.com/techpros-virtual-events/event-brief/globant-vision-to-execution-in-me

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