Eps.15 | Cybersecurity: The Evolution of Cybersecurity, an interview with Jeff Warren, CTO at Netwrix

In this episode, I’m joined by Jeff Warren, Chief Technology Officer at Netwrix, a cybersecurity software company focused on data security. Jeff has over 15 years of experience leading engineering and product teams. He previously served as VP of Product Management at Stealthbits Technologies, a cybersecurity firm acquired by Netwrix in 2021. Jeff shares how Netwrix is helping enterprises secure their hybrid cloud environments and actively block sophisticated attacks against Active Directory. He also provides insight into how AI is being used offensively by hackers, and the need for security teams to leverage it defensively.

Key Takeaways

Netwrix’s Approach to Data Security:

  • Takes intelligent, layered approach to securing data, identities (e.g. Active Directory), and infrastructure

  • Doesn’t just detect attacks, but prevents many in real-time by blocking malicious operations

  • Uses patented blocking technology that stops attacks on Active Directory before they compromise systems

  • Aligns capabilities closely with NIST cybersecurity framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover

  • Excels at protection and recovery in addition to detection/response

Real-World Examples:

  • Recently prevented red team hired to hack into client’s network from compromising Active Directory

  • Had to provide tips to pentesters on how to get attacks working in product eval with competitors

  • Blocking approach allows security teams to focus on high-value efforts versus chasing alerts

Securing Hybrid Cloud Environments:

  • Vast majority of organisations have hybrid environment with cloud and on-prem

  • Identity often still managed on-prem (Active Directory) even when apps migrate

  • Native cloud security controls don’t fully address on-prem components

  • Requires integrated tools that span both environments

The Future of Cybersecurity:

  • Hybrid environments will persist for the foreseeable future

  • AI adoption will continue to accelerate on both attack and defence sides

  • Security teams need AI to operate efficiently amid talent shortage

  • Must secure AI itself against misuse and data leaks

Advice for Aspiring Security Leaders:

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