Eps.9 | ERP & CRM: AIOps for SAP an interview John Appleby, CEO of Avantra

In today’s episode, I speak with John Appleby, CEO of Avantra. Avantra is at the leading edge of SAP management and Artificial Intelliegence powered operations. SAP is the backbone to many thousands of businesses worldwide and the underlying technology that enables many of today’s consumer experiences. Ensuring SAP runs smoothly is essential to companies who have deployed the platform, and as businesses expand and complexities grow, these organizations rely heavily on solutions like Avantra to maintain and develop operational efficiency and deliver a seamless customer experience.

In this interview John talks about his journey to becoming CEO and how Avantra emerged as the product company it is today. John also shares customer use cases and how he has navigated the company through recent global events. He also shares with us how Avantra attracts and retains its staff in an increasingly competitive market for talent.

Learn about Avantra: https://www.avantra.com

Attend Avantra’s Global Summit: https://www.avantra.com/avantra-global-summit

Participate in a virtual roundtable ‘Challenge Forum’ opportunity to feature in post event podcast episode and article: https://techprosio.foleon.com/techpros-virtual-events/event-brief/avantra-sap-opex

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