Supply Chain

As a result of recent supply chain challenges, enterprises and logistics providers have sought to reconfigure their supply chains around predictive and prescriptive models, focusing on three axes of progress — efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

The conversation has revolved around the topic of supply chain visibility because if companies cannot see what is happening in their supply chains, they cannot make it better. By leaning on digital technologies, enterprises hope to bring about the necessary paradigm change to adapt their supply chains to the modern trading environment. (Forbes).

Supply Chain 4.0:
Navigating the journey to a digital ecosystem

Covid-19 brought massive disruption to supply chains globally, meaning an accelerated move to digital. Whilst the technology building blocks and applications to enable a digital supply chain have been available for several years and the price points continue to reduce, transformation is no easy task.

Gartner Predicts the Future of Supply Chain Technology

Technology remains a strategic imperative for supply chain organizations. In a recent Gartner survey, 61% of respondents say technology is a source of competitive advantage. Many also  identify several emerging technologies as critical investment areas, with 20%  investing in robotics.

Future-proofing the supply chain

With supply chains in the spotlight, three new long-term transformation priorities form a fresh focus for competitive advantage.

How Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Leaders are Changing the Travel Industry

The global pandemic brought travel to a halt, at a time when the sector was already facing huge competition from Internet-based start-ups with agile technology and fast, personalised customer service. Radical change is necessary for organisations to survive and even thrive.

Travel & Hospitality challenges in an era of tech disruption

Business leaders should always be on the lookout for the latest trends affecting their industry today, and into the future. But the trick isn’t just to identify these innovations, but to develop strategies to leverage new technologies for their customers.

Supply Chain Management Is Broken. Can A Radical New Way Of Thinking Be The Solution?

A supply chain collaboration network (SCCN) is a key technology for improved collaboration across an extended supply chain. SCCN is a collaborative solution for supply chain processes built on a public cloud – many-to-many architecture – which supports a community of trading partners and third-party data feeds.

Reshoring and “friendshoring” supply chains
Reshaping supply chains to improve economic resilience

Nations around the world are trying to fix supply chain weaknesses by reshoring, but they will also need “friendshoring”—working with other nations and trusted supply sources.

Why greater visibility holds the key to manufacturing supply chain resilience

UK manufacturers have weathered the pandemic-related logistics challenges and operational uncertainty of the last two years. But now they must rapidly respond and adapt to yet more supply chain turbulence – high inflation, rising costs and logistics issues – caused by geopolitical events and ongoing Covid-related lockdowns in China.

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