According to Deloitte there is a strong likelihood of a new global economic order. Global banks must reposition themselves to cater for uncertainty.

2023 will see the continued fragility of the world economy. There is a great deal of uncertainty as a result of an unusual convergence of events, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, problems with the supply chain, skyrocketing inflation, and tightening monetary policy worldwide. And there is a substantial likelihood that certain economies will experience a moderate recession or stagflation.

Modernising IT Service Management in BFSI: Bridging data quality with generative AI innovation

Revolutionize BFSI IT service management with generative AI, tackling the challenge of ‘data debt’ by prioritizing data quality, standardizing enterprise language, and fostering detailed documentation for accurate AI training and ongoing improvement.

Unlocking the Future of Banking with AI

Experience a revolution in banking through AI-native technology! Abhay Chrungoo, Co-Founder and CEO of FintelligenX shares insights from expanding credit access to combating financial crime, and how these innovative solutions reshape finance for a personalised and intelligent future.

Mitigating inflation, rising debt, and cashflow

In today’s economic environment, businesses confront challenges like inflation, surging debt, and cash flow pressures. This report highlights the significance of cash flow optimisation, digital solutions in finance, inter-departmental collaboration, supply chain resilience, and monitoring of inflation trends, offering strategies for business resilience and success amidst these hurdles.

Business Challenges and Best Practices in Quality Assurance and Testing within B&FS

The Banking and Financial Services industry is complex, high-profile and highly sensitive by nature. Enormously complex systems of financial technology today need to exhibit perfect quality and end-user trust in their operation.

To greenfield or not to greenfield? How banking leaders are preparing for tomorrow’s customer today

Open banking and the rise of fintechs are changing the world of banking. Established financial institutions may have ridden out many of the changes so far, thanks to their banking licences and consumer trust, but fintechs and challenger banks are steadily eroding market share.

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation

The banking, financial services and insurance sector is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. At a time when many organisations are looking to reduce costs and gain market share, increased competition has arrived in the form of agile start-ups.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 1

Fintech innovation is disrupting and helping to transform all kinds of business sectors, from banking and lending to employment services and travel. Innovation is geared both to creating efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation, Volume 2

Up to now, banks have retained customers by being the safe all-rounders, while challenger providers have filled the gaps in great customer experiences. To keep offerings feeling enticing and invaluable, digital-first financial providers need to continue thinking outside of the box.

The CFO in the 2020s

The days of the Chief Financial Officer being seen primarily as a bean counter have been receding for some time. Instead CFOs are increasingly occupying a strategic role tied to the insights and empirical data that they can bring to strategic planning.

The Finance Professional for Tomorrow

Finance has come a long way from a reporting function balancing the books, to a data-driven decision-center and a human-machine ecosystem with new skills requirements and competencies. Is the future of finance new technology or new people?

The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy

Digital First thinking is transforming businesses and the technology that drives them. Industries ranging from retail and manufacturing to media and finance are being totally reinvented as they start to view the world through a Digital First lens. And now this revolution is rapidly and irrevocably disrupting global markets participants.

Three big moves that can decide a financial institution’s future in the cloud

There’s big value potential in the cloud, but financial institutions with a piecemeal migration strategy may be missing out on capturing its full value.

The Digital Revolution of B2B Marketplaces

NovaFori’s interviews with more than 30 industry leaders surfaced a range of business challenges; from pricing, to market culture through to sales methodology. Digital transformation is offering great opportunities, both internal and external, meaning B2B consumers expectations are rising.

Agenda 2030 - driving continued revenues in global hydrocarbons

The hydrocarbon sector faced renewed challenges in 2020. The new decade began with fears about the impact of the coronavirus, the China-US trade deal and tensions in the Middle East. Massive new regulations reducing ship emissions also came into force.

Redesigning operating models to unlock ERP benefits

How to transform your organization after ERP implementation

How banks can maximize the value of fintech acquisitions

Even as banks eagerly snap up fintech companies, they need to know the problems these deals can bring—and plan ahead to avoid them.

2023 banking and capital markets outlook

A new global economic order seems imminent. Banks globally can chart a path through the current fog of uncertainty to reposition for a brighter future.

Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance

We’re looking towards the future with eight predictions for the finance function of 2025. The technologies needed to reimagine finance are here and they will only get better. It’s crunch time.

Future of large commercial insurance

The business landscape is changing rapidly. Despite strong market performance, traditional commercial insurance business models are coming under pressure.

Effective cash flow control in an uncertain global market

How to unlock working capital efficiencies as inflation compounds supply chain disruption.

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The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy


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