Energy & Sustainability

While developments of the conflict in Ukraine are uncertain, today’s decisions could impact the long-term energy transition and path towards decarbonization.

Renewables are projected to account for 80 – 90% of power generation globally by 2050. Share of renewables in the power mix is projected to double in the next 15 years. Oil demand could peak in the next two to five years. Transport and new industrial uses could drive two-thirds of hydrogen demand growth to 2035. (McKinsey)

Cracking Net Zero

UK-based Standard Gas Technologies Ltd believes the process it has developed, patented, and is commercialising can transform waste management into a key part of the Circular or Regenerative Economy and make a significant contribution to the mitigation of Climate Change and the goals of Net Zero.

Alchemy - A New Age For Concentrates Trading

Amphora’s Alchemy offers a concentrates CTRM platform that simplifies the trade lifecycle and optimises the complexities of concentrates contracts, including issues of weight and assay changes, and offers a comprehensive pricing engine. The user-friendly platform ensures accurate data capture, easy adaptation, and lower operating costs.

Why Your Company Needs an ESG Reporting Strategy — Now

As government agencies push for deeper climate-related disclosures from companies, it’s time to build an ESG reporting strategy that works for your company.


Agenda 2030 - driving continued revenues in global hydrocarbons

The hydrocarbon sector faced renewed challenges in 2020. The new decade began with fears about the impact of the coronavirus, the China-US trade deal and tensions in the Middle East. Massive new regulations reducing ship emissions also came into force.

Sustainability and Cybersecurity: The Unexpected Dynamic Duo of the Energy Transition

Sustainability and cybersecurity are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. Sustainability is tangible. By contrast, nearly all cybersecurity solutions fall into the background of our daily lives.

Global Energy Perspective 2022

The global energy landscape has been impacted by increased market uncertainty due to the conflict in Ukraine. Already before the conflict began, the rebound in energy demand triggered supply constraints and price spikes for multiple commodities.

These 9 technological innovations will shape the sustainability agenda in 2019

With a new year, we’re taking a fresh look at where sustainability is headed globally. What technologies will drive the global discussions, and moreover, which will have the greatest impact in 2019?

Harnessing volatility: Technology transformation in oil and gas

Digital technologies can help oil and gas CEOs and leaders cut costs, boost output, and reduce carbon emissions.

The circular economy is vital for the energy transition

Reaching net zero requires a remake of the energy system. It will mean accomplishing what seems unimaginable, like entirely phasing out the internal combustion engine or adding the equivalent of the world’s largest solar farm every single day. The circular economy – a system which aims to get the most out of materials, keep products and materials in use and design them to be cycled back into the economy and eliminate waste – will be vital.

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Standard Gas captures carbon and renewable energy from waste using a low-cost sustainable alternative. Most non-recyclable plastics and other wastes are burnt or buried, adding to environmental issues and atmospheric CO2. Our technology helps protect the planet by removing carbon and harnessing the energy rich resources that society is unable to recycle .

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