A single view of the customer can enhance customer experience, help improve operations and enable seamless interactions.

Rapid digital acceleration. Shifting consumer behaviors. Extraordinary events caused by a pandemic. All have helped to intensify a prioritized focus on enhancing ways of working and customer experience. In fact, 79 percent of CEOs are accelerating the creation of a seamless digital customer experience putting them years in advance of where they expected to be. (KPMG)

Bridging the visibility gap: Managing demand volatility with SAP

Navigate business challenges effortlessly. Discover the power of integrated ERP systems for real-time insights, helping you manage demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and optimize key metrics. Take control for a smoother journey to sustained profitability.

Accelerating ERP (SAP) consolidation after mergers & acquisitions

Companies regularly acquire other companies, resulting in a fragmented SAP landscape. There is pressure to rapidly consolidate and migrate acquired companies onto a single global SAP platform like SAP S/4HANA to enable standard processes and data. However, SAP migration projects are complex, risky, and take significant time and resources. The key challenge is how to accelerate SAP consolidation during M&A while managing risk.

Automating SAP Operations

Avantra’s CEO, John Appleby, discusses the company’s journey into SAP operations management and its unique software automation offering.

Cloud Business Applications: Best Practices Uncovered

Over the past four decades, organisations have relied on business applications to achieve strategic objectives. Investment in an ever-changing array of applications has been critical in helping organisations to grow and thrive.

Why Data + Behaviour = Best In Class Performance

The use of data analytics and sales technology is still in its relative infancy. Indeed, it’s the prevalence of marketing CRM systems that is one of the big factors driving the adoption of sales technology – a logical next step.

Supply Chain 4.0:
Navigating the journey to a digital ecosystem

Covid-19 brought massive disruption to supply chains globally, meaning an accelerated move to digital. Whilst the technology building blocks and applications to enable a digital supply chain have been available for several years and the price points continue to reduce, transformation is no easy task.

Future of large commercial insurance

The business landscape is changing rapidly. Despite strong market performance, traditional commercial insurance business models are coming under pressure.

Redesigning operating models to unlock ERP benefits

How to transform your organization after ERP implementation

Seven steps to help protect your ERP system against cyberattacks

The business landscape is changing rapidly. Despite strong market performance, traditional commercial insurance business models are coming under pressure.

Unifying CRM

How a single view of the customer can enhance customer experience, help improve operations and enable seamless interactions

Rethinking Traditional ERP Software: How To Make A Smooth Transition To The Cloud

As technology advances, more and more businesses are rethinking their legacy ERP systems and moving to the cloud.

Who are Avantra and what sets you apart in the world of SAP automation?

Avantra is a leading SAP automation platform that streamlines manual tasks involved in managing a large scale SAP landscape. What sets us apart is our platform’s ability to empower Basis engineers to build custom automations for tasks like daily checks, system reviews, and security assessments without manual intervention, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and gaining a competitive edge while ensuring optimal performance and user experiences within their SAP environment. With our AI and machine learning capabilities, Avantra becomes like a trusted automation ally, ensuring smooth operations and freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic initiatives.

Can you share Avantra's journey from its early days to its current position in the market?

At Avantra, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the team for the past 3 years, witnessing its remarkable growth from a relatively small brand to a more sophisticated entity. We are still on an exciting journey of progress. When I joined, we had just undergone a rebranding process. While the product itself has a strong history of over 20 years, its current form and branding are only about 4 years old, making it a relatively new player in the market. One of the most exhilarating challenges I encountered was elevating this previously unknown embryonic brand to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry giants like Deloitte and Tech Mahindra, presenting our offerings at prestigious conferences such as SAP Sapphire. It has been a rewarding experience, and we continue to strive for excellence, making Avantra a recognized name in the world of SAP automation and beyond.

How did your partnership with TechPros come about?

As a marketer, I’m always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves, especially at events where there’s so much noise and competition. We wanted a unique value proposition that set us apart from other vendors. So, I participated in a couple of TechPros round tables and experienced it from the other side. I saw the value TechPros offered, not just to me as a marketer but to the people we’re trying to engage with. Building relationships in a less salesy and aggressive way is crucial, and that’s where TechPros shines. I realized the potential of building meaningful relationships based on value, understanding our buyers’ needs, and addressing their pain points without a traditional sales approach. It’s all about value selling and fostering genuine connections. That’s how our partnership with TechPros came about.

How has your leadership style evolved amid global challenges like the pandemic and geopolitical events?

Working remotely has highlighted the significance of offering psychological safety and showing genuine empathy towards my team members, ensuring their emotional and physical wellbeing. Empathy is crucial, and emotionally intelligent leaders are vital for the future. We revamped our company values, and now we work on rewarding and holding people accountable for behaviors that align with these values. Our leadership team leads by example, upholding these principles. To attract and retain talent, we showcase our employer brand, creating a culture where employees feel their values are honored. Our focus on caring and community involvement has been well received, making Avantra an attractive place to work for individuals seeking a meaningful and rewarding career journey.

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