Software Development

The imperative for software engineering leaders is to build software to deliver business capabilities and adapt software to changing business needs over time.

The pandemic has accelerated digital business initiatives (and heightened the pressure on product development teams) as we adapt to the demands of employees, customers and other stakeholders. B2B purchasers are happy to buy digitally, without a sales representative; B2C consumers are buying off social media platforms; employees are physically distributed and communicating asynchronously. (Gartner)

Symphony - The ultimate CTRM solution for complex commodity trades

Discover how Amphora’s Symphony platform is changing the game in commodity trading and risk management (CTRM). This article looks at Symphony’s in-depth features, flexibility to work with different commodities and markets, and how it helps with the complex world of commodity trading.


Accelerating digital innovation & time-to-market in today's transformational financial services sector

Digital transformation is a must in today’s fast-changing financial services industry. Top people from leading companies shared insights on key topics like data analytics, automation, and mixing digital tools with human advice. The industry faces challenges with old systems and rules but is ready to adapt and grow.

Battling the tech vendors: Optimizing license spend and avoiding audit risk

Managing software costs is getting harder as companies spend more on digital tools. Industry leaders share thoughts on the challenges of handling software buys, usage, and audits. The article shows the need for teamwork across IT, finance, and buying teams. It explains why many are investing in software asset management to cut waste and avoid audit risks, especially with cloud services.


The age of analytics: Life sciences - Winning in a data-driven world

Data is changing the game in life sciences. Industry leaders share insights on using data analytics to drive innovation. Discover the need to break down data silos, boost data skills, ensure data quality, be flexible, and get more value from data projects. Explore how tackling these challenges can speed up new discoveries and treatments in life sciences.

Software development: Redefining QA

Learn how to solve software testing bottlenecks with intelligent automation – a podcast for QA leaders and development teams.

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Kanban Vs. Scrum: Which Is Right For You?

Implementing Agile usually means ascribing to one of two distinct approaches: Kanban or Scrum. Each method enjoys its share of staunch supporters, but that doesn’t mean that one is inherently superior to the other.

Dynamics 365: How to Instil Quality Effectively in D365 Implementations

Companies worldwide aim to deliver products and services faster while maintaining quality, and many use Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, testing remains a bottleneck that cannot be rushed. This video magazine explores options to accelerate time to market, reduce cost, and improve quality in D365 implementations.


Accelerating digital innovation in Media and Entertainment

In this eBook, sponsored by Softwire – one of the UK’s leading technology consultancies – we will examine the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for brands and organisations within M&E, taking in expert views from across both industries.

12 Essential Skills for Agile Developers

Software developers increasingly need these core skills, as well as value-added and specialized capabilities.

Leadership Vision for 2022
Top 3 Strategic Priorities for Software Engineering Leaders

In your role as a leader, you’ve now spent months adapting to change and delivering new solutions at speed. You and your team may be burning out, and it’s never been more important to prioritize your time and energy.

The Distinction Between Testing And Quality Assurance In The Software Industry

Although it is sometimes thought that quality assurance (QA) and software testing are the same, they are, in fact, different concepts. They differ in their objectives, features and methods.

Best Practices In Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance (QA) testing is the process that ensures a premium quality product for customers. QA is merely the strategy used to avoid any software product or service problems and to make sure that the user experience is great for customers. But what are the best practices in quality assurance?

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