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Travel is changing at a faster pace than any time. There are two main drivers – the need to adapt to changes in human behaviors and the need for greater sustainability.

Underpinning these advances is artificial intelligence – our ability to create machines that can learn for themselves and make decisions that previously could only be made by humans. (Forbes)

Sustainable, Safe, and Efficient: Corporate Travel Leaders Share Their Vision For The Future

In 2022, a gradual reopening of business travel has led to businesses taking a fresh look at how they can make sure staff are safe and secure when they are travelling. The challenges of global travel increased during the pandemic.

How Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Leaders are Changing the Travel Industry

The global pandemic brought travel to a halt, at a time when the sector was already facing huge competition from Internet-based start-ups with agile technology and fast, personalised customer service. Radical change is necessary for organisations to survive and even thrive.

Reshaping the landscape: Corporate travel in 2022 and beyond

Travel is back—so say news stories and corporate earnings calls since the summer of 2021. There are caveats though, and they represent a large share of industry revenue. International travel still awaits an improved pandemic situation and less daunting border restrictions.

Driving decarbonization: Accelerating zero-emission freight transport

Two mutually reinforcing enablers can create a cycle of positive reinforcement to accelerate transport decarbonization: A standardized book-and-claim framework enables demand for green offerings by separating physical products from virtual credits, while green supply-chain coalitions improve the cost and accessibility of green offerings.

Travel & Hospitality challenges in an era of tech disruption

Business leaders should always be on the lookout for the latest trends affecting their industry today, and into the future. But the trick isn’t just to identify these innovations, but to develop strategies to leverage new technologies for their customers.

How the future of commercial aviation will reshape value chains

Aerospace companies face rising demand and operational challenges, making sustainability and digital transformation more necessary than ever. We can begin to see the possibilities of tomorrow within the recovery of today, across areas such as the power of digital, new technologies, supply chain transformation and enterprise resilience.

The Future Trends In Mobility And Transportation

The way we travel from place to place is changing at a faster pace than any time since the proliferation of automobiles, trains, and airplanes during the last century. There are two main drivers – the need to adapt to changes in human behaviors and the need for greater sustainability.

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