Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting

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Ahead of the Virtual Roundtable hosted by & COMPANY on DATE, we’ve collated the themes you’ve submitted for discussion.

We’ve listed the challenges we’ve received below – please use your 3 votes, maximum 2 per challenge.

TEMPLATE - Virtual Roundtable Topic Voting
1. Supply chain resilience from manufacturer to customer - what can be done to ensure a level of trust, resilience and fortitude from global suppliers?
2. Reimagining new business models in logistics and transport enabled by technology
3. Virtual workforces & automation: Leaner, future-focused models of collaboration and digitalisation
4. Transforming warehousing & transport operations to be data-driven and enable future business benefits
5. Ensuring end-to-end visibility across integrated supply chain processes
6. Real-time analytics - how necessary and feasible is it to keep real-time information about inventory and shipments? How is technology enabling the ability to react in real-time to changing demands?
7. The pressure of reducing IT operating costs / cost take out and how to prioritise different options
8. How can you realistically lead non-executive teams working remotely (particularly customer service staff) in a post-Covid world? What are the best strategies for maintaining motivation, energy and mentorship?
9. In a time when performance and outlook is challenging, how do you create the headroom to invest in Digital and Technology to drive momentum?
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