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Adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) systems, data sharing and data fabrics are among the trends that data and analytics leaders need to build on to drive new growth, resilience and innovation.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine added a geopolitical crisis to the enduring global pandemic, and managing consequent and persistent uncertainty and volatility will be a key focus for data and analytics leaders this year. (Gartner)

Migrating Data from Legacy to Modern Infrastructure’s Challenge Forum brought together industry experts to address the challenges of migrating enterprise data from legacy systems to modern infrastructures. The forum provided practical insights and strategies based on real-world modernisation experiences.

Optimizing Data Strategy for Targeted B2B Marketing

Unlock the Power of Customer Data: Discover Innovative Solutions for B2B Marketing Success with’s Expert Roundtable on Integrating and Leveraging Siloed Data.

Innovating Insurance: Understanding Emerging Risks in an Uncertain World

In today’s dynamic insurance landscape, businesses face challenges, from increasing natural disasters to digital-savvy customer expectations, requiring innovative solutions to remain competitive.

12 Data and Analytics Trends to Keep on Your Radar

Adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) systems, data sharing and data fabrics are among the trends that data and analytics leaders need to build on to drive new growth, resilience and innovation.

What it takes to win in the data economy

How should data be captured and stored, what is the most efficient way of processing information? How can insights inform business processes to create engaging products and services that earn trust and win loyalty? How should data strategies be financed?

How Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Leaders are Changing the Travel Industry

The global pandemic brought travel to a halt, at a time when the sector was already facing huge competition from Internet-based start-ups with agile technology and fast, personalised customer service. Radical change is necessary for organisations to survive and even thrive.

Data ethics: What it means and what it takes

Every company must establish its own best practices for managing its data. Here are five pitfalls to avoid based on our conversations with experts and early adopters.

Synthetic Data Is About To Transform Artificial Intelligence

Imagine if it were possible to produce infinite amounts of the world’s most valuable resource, cheaply and quickly. What dramatic economic transformations and opportunities would result?

The “Amazon Effect”: The Power of Personalisation

The banking, financial services and insurance sector is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. At a time when many organisations are looking to reduce costs and gain market share, increased competition has arrived in the form of agile start-ups.

Engines of Engagement
How digital and IT leaders are evolving customer personalization securely

Organizations are increasingly seeking to offer customers compelling personalized services. However, issues like high-profile data breaches, overly intrusive digital marketing, and inaccurate customer assumptions resulting from poor data handling can all cause customer dissatisfaction and damage reputation.

The Race to 5G and Full Fibre: How Telecoms, Media & Entertainment Leaders are Reshaping the Future

The future of a connected Britain rests on the widespread availability of 5G and Full Fibre to homes and businesses. For the network operators and vendors, this is a complicated journey to navigate.

Pushing granular decisions through analytics

The potential effect of advanced analytics on grocery retail is great, but retailers will need to seize the opportunity.

Enabling a data-driven enterprise
Five reasons why the CFO should govern enterprise data

Historically the CFO and Finance function have been associated with accounting and reporting, not data governance. But given increasing market pressures and business expectations, Finance has developed beyond being a mere data cruncher.

Building world-class telecom network operations: Stories from telecom leaders tackling network resilience, field productivity and customer churn first eMagazine features video insights from leading telcos on the topics of network resilience and disaster response, the field worker experience, and strategies for reducing customer churn in this sector.

Network Optimization in an age of Digitilization

Organizations across the globe are being challenged to transform digitally, with telecom companies facing major changes to their network infrastructure, such as FTTH and 5G rollout. These challenges are forcing many global providers to rethink their software and network infrastructure.

Next generation networks in the era of customer centricity

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. From modernising their products and services to transforming their networks and infrastructure, the major driver is to provide new and higher quality services in an extremely competitive landscape.

From surviving to thriving: How real estate leaders are reimagining the future

At the beginning of 2020, the commercial real estate sector had quite a lot on its plate: moratoriums on rent, large areas of cities going quiet due to lockdowns, and major debates sparking about the very future of the office.

Data Lakehouse
Navigating through the dichotomy of Data Warehouse and Data Lake

With the ever-increasing data needs of multiple stakeholders and consumers in an enterprise, we see that data architectures are evolving significantly to meet the rising demand.

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The Seven Dimensions of a Digital First Strategy


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