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Explore the contributions we’ve uncovered from senior leaders who are driving greater productivity across their network lifecycle by accelerating field and office collaboration.

Ken Nowakowski

Director Planning & Engineering Transport & IP Infrastructure Development & Operations

“Transformation must be business-led or there is a high chance it will fail. This means every single person in the business has to care about the IT that runs their function. Work on the relationship with the business, modernise your IT processes, tools and architecture, and stick to global platforms.”

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Network Optimization in an age of Digitilization

Telecom companies are facing major changes to their network infrastructure such as FTTH and 5G rollout. These challenges are forcing many global providers to rethink their software and network infrastructure and this eBook provides valuable insights into the priorities and perspectives of these industry leaders.

Next generation networks in the era of customer centricity

IQGeo partnered with to find out how network providers are navigating their digital transformation in this increasingly customer-centric business landscape. Conducting interviews with CDOs, CIOs and CTOs at some of the top telecoms firms across North America and Europe, we were keen to discover how they were meeting their business objectives, embracing market disruptions and managing operational challenges in highly competitive industry.

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